Whilst there would appear to be confusion on the spelling of the surname, it is to be noted that there was a Robert Stubbs, labourer, at Greetham in the Military Survey of 1522, a bill man and one of the young men and poor of the parish. In subsequent 17th century handwriting, the ST of Stubbs may simply have appeared as a fancy T.

[STUB591] Robert Tubes of Stretton married (by licence, at Barrowden, 19th May 1629) [FORR592] Elianor Forrest, of Exton. (Their marriage licence gave their names as Robert Tubbs, of Stretton, and Ellinor Forret, maiden of Exton.)


  Tower and spire


Barrowden Church
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Barrowden Church
Norman arch doorway



Stretton Church
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They had several children born and baptised at Stretton including:

Robert Tubbey appears at Stretton in the 1665 Hearth Tax.

[STUB601] Matthew Tubs (born c.1640) married (at Greetham, 10th June 1669) [LEAE602] Alice Loe, possibly daughter of [LEAE591] Henry Lea who married [PRAT592] Mary Pratte. They had several children born and baptised at Greetham including:

There appear to have been no register entries at all between 1674 and 1680, so there were undoubtedly other children. Alice (wife of Matthew Tubbs) died at Greetham (buried there 26th November 1685) on the same day that their youngest son Henry was baptised. Matthew Tubs died at Greetham also (buried there 12th March 1699/1700).

[STUB611] Thomas Stubbs (born 1673) married (at Greetham, 28th April 1700) [WYLE612] Ann Wyles (born c.1675, see WYLES). They had five children born and baptised at Greetham as follows:

Anne died at Exton (buried there 21st March 1708), and Thomas died at Greetham (buried there 20th July 1726).

[STUB621] John Stubbs (born 1701) married (c.1721) [WIGG622] Theodosia Wing (born 1703, see WING). They had six children born and baptised at Greetham as follows:

A John (a malster) died at Greetham (buried there 15th January 1758), and Theodosia (“wife of Jno”) died at Greetham also (buried there 18th January 1767). (Either “wife” should have read “widow”, or the John who died in 1758 is not the correct person.)

[STUB631] Thomas Stubbs (born 1726), a carpenter, married (at Greetham, 19th August 1754, witnessed by John Draycot [parish clerk] and Thomas Parker [bride's brother]) [PRKR632] Mary Parker (born 1734, see PARKER).


Greetham Church
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They had nine children born and baptised at Greetham as follows:

[STUB641] John Stubbs (born 1757) of Greetham married (at Buckminster, 21st March 1785) [WADD642] Mary Waddington (born 1765. see WADDINGTON), of Buckminster, witnessed by John Foster (parish clerk) and Joseph Hornbuckle.


Buckminster Church
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They had twelve children as follows:



Edith Weston Church

[STUB651] Joseph Stubbs (born 1797) married (at Barrowden, 21st May 1818) [WADE652] Mary Wade (born 1796, see WADE), witnessed by Ann Exton (Joseph's future sister-in-law) and William Wade (Mary's brother). They had one child as follows:

Joseph died (age 28) at Edith Weston (buried there 23rd November 1825), and Mary died (age 32) at Barrowden (buried there 3rd November 1828).

[STUB662] Mary Stubbs (born 1819, daughter of Joseph) had an illegitimate child born at either Oakham or Harringworth:

Afterwards Mary, a servant, married George Harris.



Harringworth Church
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George and Eliza had one child born and baptised at Harringworth as follows:

Mary died (age 24, of consumption) at Harringworth (12th September 1841, buried there 14th September 1841), and almost immediately afterwards George married 2. Elizabeth Charity (born at Harringworth, 1820). Elizabeth died (age 80) at Harringworth (buried there 3rd July 1900), and George died (age 90) at Harringworth also (buried there 22nd November 1905).


George Harris = Mary Stubbs
1841 Census  797/12-5  Harringworth (NTH)
George    HARRIS       25 ag lab N
Mary      HARRIS       20        N
Eliza     Harris        2        N
John      Harris        6m       Y
George Harris = Elizabeth Charity
1851 Census  2093-308  Harringworth
George    HARRIS H   M 36 ag lab         Morcott RUT
Elizabeth HARRIS W   M 31                Harringworth
Eliza     Harris D/L - 12                Oakham RUT
John      Harris S   - 10 scholar        Harringworth
William   Harris S   -  6 scholar        Harringworth
Ann       Harris D   -  3                Harringworth
George    Harris S   -  1m               Harringworth
1861 Census  2310-75  Harringworth Village
George    HARRIS H   M 47 ag lab         Morcott RUT
Elizabeth HARRIS W   M 41 ag lab's wife  Harringworth
John      Harris S   S 20 ag lab         Harringworth
Ann       Harris D   - 12 scholar        Harringworth
George    Harris S   - 10 scholar        Harringworth
Thomas    Harris S   -  8 scholar        Harringworth
Ellen     Harris D   -  4 scholar        Harringworth
Emma      Harris D   -  1                Harringworth
1871 Census  3305-19  Harringworth, Gretton Road
George    HARRIS H   M 56 farm labourer  Morcott RUT
Elizabeth HARRIS W   M 50                Harringworth 
William   Harris S   S 26 farm labourer  Harringworth
Thomas    Harris S   S 18 farm labourer  Harringworth  
Emma      Harris D   S 11 scholar        Harringworth
Mary Ann  Harris D   S  5 scholar        Harringworth
1881 Census  3190-74  Harringworth Cottage
George    HARRIS H   M 66 ag lab         Harringworth
Elizabeth HARRIS W   M 60 ag lab's wife  Harringworth
Thomas    Harris S   S 28 ag lab         Harringworth
1891 Census  2551-63  Harringworth
George    HARRIS H   M 77 ag lab         Harringworth
Elizabeth HARRIS W   M 71                Harringworth
Coles     Emma   G/D -  6                Stamford  [actually Emma Coles]
1901 Census  3018-63  Harringworth
George    HARRIS H   W 89 house keeper   Harringworth
Harry     Harris G/S S 29 bricklayers
                             labourer    Harringworth
Ellen     Baker  Bd  W 60 house keeper   Exeter DEV