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[SUDE421] Dreux Drogo (born c.1000, son of [VALS301] Count Gauthier II, see VALOIS COUNTY), Count of Mantes and the Vexin, married (1025) [WESK353] Princess Godgifu/Goda (daughter of King Ethelred II the unready of England, see ANGLO-SAXON KINGS). Dreux died in the Holy Land 13th August 1035, and Godgifu then married 2. (1036) Count Eustace II of Boulogne (see BOULOGNE COUNTY).

[SUDE432] Adele d'Amiens (born c.1025, daughter of Dreux) married [COUA321] Seigneur Alberic I, see COUCY).

[SUDE431] Ralph de Sudeley (born c.1026, 2nd son of Dreux), styled "Earl of Hereford", married Getha/Gythia (possibly daughter of Osgood Clapa). In the time of King Edward the confessor he came over to England, together with several other Normans, including Richard FitzScrob and Robert FitzWymarch, they being ones "whom the king loved more than the rest" escaped the backlash in 1052 against the Norman foreigners; and they were allowed to remain in England. Ralph also held, as tenant-in-chief to King Edward, [at least] Sudeley and Toddington (Gloucs) and Chilvers Coton (Warks), which his son afterwards held. Ralph's English force and Norman Knights were routed by Welsh forces led by Gruffydd ab Llewelyn near Hereford (24th October 1955), and Gruffydd went on the destroy Hereford with its castle. It was Ralph's unsuccessful attempts to train the English as knightly warriors that had earlier earned Ralph the nickname the timid. Ralph died, no doubt a broken man, on 21st December 1057.

[SUDE441] Harold de Sudeley (born c.1057), of Sudeley and Toddington, married [CHES323] Maud (illegitimate daughter of Earl Hugh, see CHESTER (AVRANCHES) EARLDOM). At the Domesday Survey, Harold held as tenant-in-chief of the king, Sudeley and Toddington (Gloucs), Burton Overy, Catthorpe, Great Easton, Lutterworth, Misterton, Stockerston, Welham and Wigston Magna (Leics), Burton Latimer (Northants), Chilvers Coton, Lighthorne and Radway (Warks). Afterwards Harold also acquired Ewyas (Herefordshire) with its modern castle, which was rebuilt after the Conquest by William FitzOsbern for Alvred of Marlborough (nephew of Osbern Pentecost), replacing an earlier structure. Ewyas then became known as Ewyas Harold, though a descriptive leaflet (printed 2007) at the castle site states it was at one time named mapHarold, i.e. son of Harold (who would have been Robert), and that map was only later dropped.



remains of Ewyas Harold Castle
(17 August 2010)

[SUDX451] John de Sudeley (born c.1082-1108, 3rd son & heir of Harold), Lord of Sudeley, married [TRAC363] Grace de Traci (born c.1112, daughter of William, see TRACY (SECOND LINE)). He died 1133.

[SUDX461] William de Tracy de Sudeley (born c.1135, son of John), of Sudeley and Toddington (Gloucs). William took over his maternal grandfather's name, "William de Tracy", and married Hawise de Bourne (born c.1150).

[SUDX472] Jane de Tracy (born c.1170, daughter of William) married [VAMP461] Osbert Vampage (see VAMPAGE).

[SUDE451] Robert I FitzHarold de Sudeley of Ewyas (born c.1085, son of Harold), Lord of Ewyas Harold, married Sybil (born c.1101). He founded Dore Abbey (1147), though it was not completed until 1282. After 1536 it became the parish church.

       Dore Abbey
(7 September 2011)

[SUDE461] Robert II de Sudeley (born c.1125), feudal Lord of Ewyas, married [SCUD392] Pernel/Petronilla de Scudmore (born c.1135, daughter of Sir Godfrey, see SCUDAMORE). He died c.1195.

[SUDE472] Sybilla de Sudeley (born c.1178, daughter & heiress of Robert) married 1. (c.1198) [TREG471] Robert de Tregoz (see TREGOZ BARONY); then 2. (c.1216-17) Roger de Clifford (son of Walter de Clifford, of Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, see CLIFFORD).