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[SULY501] Sir William Sulyard (born c.1304). He died c.1328.

[SULY511] John Sulyard (born c.1328), of Eye (Suffolk), married [Agnes] Faynforde [or Fairford]. This is presumed from the 1st quarter of the later Sulyard family coat of arms. [This presumption was made in the mid-16th century.] He died c.1352.

[SULY521] John Sulyard (born c.1352) married [BACO522] Dorothy Bacon (daughter of Roger Bacon, see BACON). The Bacon line is confirmed by the 2nd quarter of the later Sulyard family coat of arms.

[SULY531] William Sulyard (born c.1376), of Eye, married [GOAD532] Jane/Janet/Joane Goade (born c.1378, daughter of [GOAD521] John Goade by Petronilla, of Eye & Wilby, Suffolk). William died 1399. His widow died 1400.

[SULY541] John Sulyard (born c.1399), of Eye married [BARR542] Alys Barrington [elsewhere given as Elizabeth] Barrington (see BARRINGTON). Elizabeth died 13th [or 21st] December 1468.

[SULY551] Sir John Sulyard (born c.1428), who was Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, married 1. [HUNY552] Agnes Hungate (born c.1430, daughter & heiress of [HUNY541] John Hungate of Yorkshire (see HUNGATE). After Agnes died (1463), Sir John married 2. Anne (born 1452, daughter & coheir of John Andrews of Baylham, Suffolk). Sir John acquired the Manor of Wetherden (1463), and assisted by his 2nd wife he made substantial alterations to the church there.



Wetherden Church
(27 March 2003)

John died 18th March 1487-88, and Anne married 2. Sir Thomas Bouchier. Anne died 25th July 1520.

In "The Churches of East Suffolk" by Bryant (1912), under Wetherden reads:

Porch and aisle built by Sir John Sulyard, Chief Justice of England, about 1484. ... Some tombs to the Sulyard's, from 1400 to 1800, are in the S. aisle. Those to Sir John and his grandson, also Sir John, 1575, with shields and quarterings, are especially good, but rather mutilated.

Sir John (1487)
(27 March 2003)


William Dowsing, who was responsible for the destruction, recorded in 1644:

Wetherden, February. the 5th. We brake a hundred superstitious Pictures in Sir Edward Silliard's aisle: and gave orders to brake down 60 more; and to take down 68 Cherubims; and to levell the steps in the chancel; there was taken up 19 superstitious inscriptions that weighed 65 pounds.

[SULY562] Elizabeth (born c.1456, daughter & heiress of John & Agnes, though another source says she was the daughter of John & Anne) married [GARN561] John Garneys (see GARNEYS).

[SULY561] John Sulyard (born 1485, son of John & Agnes) married Margaret Baker (born 1480, daughter of Robert Baker). Margaret died 31st August 1521 and John died 8th March 1538-39.

[SULY571] Sir John Sulyard (born 1514, eldest son of John), of Wetherden, Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk, married 1. Elizabeth Bedingfield; then 2. Elizabeth Jernegan (born 1515, daughter of Sir John Jernegan & Bridget nee Drury). Elizabeth died 15th January 1548-49,; then 3. Alice Carvell (daughter of Humphrey Carvell). John died at Wetherden and was buried there 24th March 1574-75.

[SULY581] Sir Edward Sulyard, of Wetherden (born 1540, son of John by his second marriage), married 1. (1565) Anne Heydon; then 2.  Frances Dawney.  He sold New Place, Stoke by Ipswich, to [KNAP591] John Knapp (September 1576), see KNAPP. Edward, who was noted as being a "Popish Recusant", was buried 21st May 1605.