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[SWAG171] Chrodoald.

[SWAG181] Fara of Bavaria (born c.585). Other sources say Fara was Theodo's mother, not father.

[SWAG191] Theudo II of Bavaria (born c.615), married Regentrude of Austrasia.

[SWAG201] Godefried (born c.637), DUKE OF ALEMANNIA (700-09), married [BAVZ202] Oda of Bavaria (daughter of DUKE THEODO II, see EARLY DUKES OF BAVARIA). He died 709.

[SWAG212] Segarde of Alemannia (born c.700), married [LOMX181] King Hildebrand of the Lombards (see LOMBARDY KINGDOM).

[SWAG211] Huoching/Houching (born c.685), DUKE OF ALEMANNIA (709-12), married [CHIL213] Berthe (daughter of King Thierry III of Neustria, see CHILPERIC II).

[SWAG221] Nebi, DUKE OF ALEMANNIA (730-46), (born c.705) married [HASP222] Hereswint (daughter of DUKE RUTPERT, see HASPENGAU DUKEDOM).

[SWAG232] Emma (daughter of Nebi) married [BAVK231] Count Gerold I of Vinzgau (see VINZGAU).

For other Dukes (Burkhard and Burchard I) see RATHIEN COUNTY.


[SWAZ301] Luitolph (born c.930, son of [SAXY279] EMPEROR OTTO, but which wife not known, see SAXON NOBILITY), DUKE OF SWABIA, married [FRAY302] Ida (daughter of Count Gebbard of Franconia, see COUNT GEBBARD). He died 6th September 957.

[SWAZ312] Mathilde (born 949, daughter of Luitolph) married [MILA311] Obizzo (see MILAN).


[SWA2281] Conrad, aka Cuno I, of Oehningen (either son of Count Conrad of Rheingau & Judith, or else son of Count Udo & Cunegundis, see WETTERAU COUNTY), DUKE OF SWABIA (983-97), Count in Rheingau (985 & 989), Count in Ulgau (987), Count in Ortenau (994), married Richlinde (of disputed parentage). He died 20th August 997.

[SWA2297] Judith of Oehningen (presumed daughter of Conrad) married 1. [DAGS291] Count Ludwig (see DAGSBURG-EGISHEIM COUNTY); then 2. (c.1000) [LORR311] Count Adalbert II (see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF CHATENOIS) DUKEDOM).

[SWA2293] Itha of Oehningen (presumed daughter of Conrad) married [BAVX271] DUKE RUDOLPH II (see BAVARIA (HOUSE OF WELF) DUKEDOM).

[SWA2294] Hemma/Kunizza/Kunigunde (presumed daughter of Conrad) married [SWAR321] Count Frederick I of Diessen (see SWARTZENBERG COUNTY).

[SWA2295] --- (presumed daughter of Conrad) married (after 1011) DUKE VLADIMIR I OF KIEV (see KIEV PRINCEDOM).

[SWA2291] Hermann II (born c.965, son of Conrad & Richlind) was DUKE OF SWABIA (997-1004). He married 1.---; then 2. (c.986) [BURK359] Gerberga (widow, born c.965, see JURANE BURGUNDY KINGDOM). Hermann died 2nd May 1003, and Gerberga died 7th July 1018.

[SWA2309] Matilda (born c.988, daughter of Hermann II) married 1. (1000) DUKE CONRAD OF CARINTHIA (born 975, son of DUKE OTTO OF FRANCONIA AND CARINTHIA), died December 1011; then 2. (c.1016) [MOSE331] DUKE FREDERICK II OF UPPER LORRAINE (born c.995, see HOUSE OF MOSELLE), died c.1027; then 3. Count Esiko of Bellenstedt (son of Adalbert & Hidda). Matilda died 1031-32, and Esico died c.1060.

[SWA2308] Gisela (born 11th November 990, daughter of Hermann II) married 1. (c.1003-05) [BRUN311] Count Bruno (see BRUNSWICK), murdered c.1010-11; then 2. (1012) DUKE ERNEST I OF SWABIA (accidentally killed May 1015); then 3. (c.1016) [GER2301] EMPEROR CONRAD II (see GERMAN DUKEDOMS & KINGDOMS).

[SWA2304] Beatrix (born c.990-1000, daughter of Herman II) married (c.1018) [EPPE311] Duke Adalbert (see EPPENSTEIN).


[SWAB311] Frederick von Hohenstaufen, Count in Sundergau (1003).

[SWAB321] Frederick von Buren (born c.1010-20), Lord of Hohenstaufen (Castle of Swabia), Count in Sundergau, married (1042) [LORZ322] Hildegard von Mousson (daughter of DUKE OTTO, see LOTHARINGIA (PALATINE COUNTS)). He died c.1050-60, and Hildegard 1094.

[SWAB331] Frederick I von Staufen (born 1050) married 1. Beatrix; then 2. (at Regensburg, 1089) [GER2349] Princess Agnes (born 1072, daughter of EMPEROR HEINRICH IV, see GERMAN DUKEDOMS & KINGDOMS). (Frederick had originally been betrothed to Agnes at Easter 1079 when she was 7 years old.) Frederick built Staufen Castle in the Jura mountains, and founded the Hohenstaufen Dynasty. He was DUKE OF SWABIA (1079-1105), and died 21st July  1105. Afterwards, Agnes married 2. (1106) [AUST411] March Count Leopold III (see AUSTRIA MARCH COUNTY & DUKEDOM), and died 24th September 1143.

[SWAB341] Frederick II monoculus [=one-eyed] (born 1090, son of Frederick I & Agnes) married 1. (1121) [ESTB392] Judith (daughter of DUKE HENRY the black, see BAVARIA (HOUSE OF ESTE) DUKEDOM), died 22nd February 1130-31; then 2. (1132-33) Agnes (daughter of Count Frederick of Saarbrucken). He was DUKE OF SWABIA (1105-47), and died 4th April 1147.

[SWAB352] Bertha (c.1138, daughter of Frederick & Judith) married [LORR361] DUKE MATHIEU OF LORRAINE (see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF CHATENOIS) DUKEDOM).

[SWAB351] Frederick III barbarossa [=red beard] (born 1122, son of Frederick II & Judith) married 1. (1147) Adelaide (daughter of March Count Diepold III of Vohburg), divorced at Konstanz (March 1153); then 2. (at Wurzburg, 17th June 1156) [BUR3372] Palatine Countess Beatrix (daughter of Count Renaud III, see BURGUNDY COUNTY). He was DUKE OF SWABIA (1147-52), King (Frederick I) of Germany (1152-69), EMPEROR OF THE ROMANS (1155-57) then HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR (1157-90). Beatrix was crowned EMPRESS (at St. Peter's in Rome, 1st August 1167) and as Queen of Burgundy (at Vienne, August 1178). Beatrix died at Jouhe, near Dole, (15th November 1184) and was buried in the King's Crypt at Speyer Cathedral, together with their previously deceased young daughter Agnes. Frederick drowned at Cilicia, Turkey, (10th June 1190), on the way to Outremer [or Overseas, the then usual name for the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem] during the Third Crusade. His entrails were buried at Tarsus, his flesh at Antioch St. Peter, and his legs at Tyre Cathedral.

[SWAB362] Beatrix (born c.1156, daughter of Frederick & Beatrix) married (c.1173) [THIE441] Count William III (see CHALONS COUNTY).

[SWAB361] Philip (born 1177-78, youngest son of Frederick III & Beatrix) married (at Bari, 25th May 1197) [ANGE362] Eirene-Maria Angelina (born 1181, daughter of EMPEROR ISAAC, see ANGELUS DYNASTY), widow of King Roger of Sicily. Philip was Bishop of Wurzburg (1190-92), DUKE OF SPOLETO (1195), DUKE OF SWABIA (1196-1208), and King of Germany (1198-1208). He was murdered at Bamberg (21st June 1208) by Otto in revenge von Wittelsbach, in revenge for the annulment of his betrothal to Philip's daughter. Philip was later (1216) reburied in Speyer Cathedral. Eirene-Maria died at Burg Hohenstaufen (27th August 1208).

[SWAB372] Marie (born 1199-1200, daughter of Philip) married (1207) [LOUV391] DUKE HENRY II OF BRABANT (see LOUVAIN).