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Waterfront at Stockholm
(16 June 1997)

[SWED241] Bjorn ironside (son of [DENM221] King Ragnvar Lodbrok, see DANISH KINGDOM), King of Uppsala, was living 860.

[SWED251] Erik III, King of Uppsala, was living 870.

[SWED261] Edmund/Eymund, King of Birka, died 873.

[SWED271] Erik V, Lord of Finland, King of Sweden & Golen, died 906.

[SWED281] Olof Eriksson.

[SWED291] Erik VI the victorious (son of Olof), King of Uppsala (by c.980), deposed his first-cousin Styrbjorn, son of Bjorn Erikson, to become King of Sweden (984-85). He married 1. [TOST292] Sigrid/Sigrith storrada [=the haughty] Skoglar-Tostedottir (daughter of [TOST281] Skogul Toste, a Viking chieftain from the Swedish province of Westrogothia aka West Gotaland). [However, medieval authors "generally confirm the assumption that her father was Mieszko I" of Poland].

Gerald Paget and others follow the Viking version, in which was written "it is all but certain" by the Icelandic historian and poet Snorri Sturluson (c.1179-1241), though no manuscript actually names him as the author. These Heimskringla sagas of the Norwegian kings were chiefly based on earlier Skaldic poetry, of which the author names some seventy or so Skalds, few of which have now survived. Skaldic verse is Norse poetry that is basically historical, whereas the Prose Edda is a collection of Norse myths.

Erik later (apparently) divorced Sigrid, and (according to a saga) he then married 2. Aud (daughter of Jarl Haakon Sigurdsson of Norway). Erik died at Uppsala (995), Sigrid (some say was a widow) later married 2. (c.1000) King Sweyn forkbeard I of Denmark & England.

[SWED309] Olaf I Eiriksson skotkonung [=under-king] (son of Erik & Sigrid), King of Sweden (995-1022), married 1. [OBOT302] Princess Astrid (daughter of Prince Mieceslas III, see OBOTRITES). Olaf also had a relationship with a captive (Slav) Wendin Princess Edla of Mecklenburg. Olaf died 1022.

[SWED312] Enguerherda Olafsdottir (daughter of Olaf I & Astrid) married (1019) [KIEV321] King Jaroslaf I (see KIEV PRINCEDOM).

[SWED313] Astrid Olafsdottir (illegitimate daughter of Olaf I & his mistress, Edla) married (February 1019) [NORW341] King Olav II Haraldsson the stout (see NORWAY KINGDOM).