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[TANF621] Richard Tanfield and his wife had two children, born at Eldmire and baptised at Topcliffe as follows:

William (baptised 30th May 1711);

[TANF631] Richard (baptised 9th January 1713/4), married 1. Frances Marshall, see later.

Richard died at Dalton (buried at Topcliffe, 18th May 1720)

[TANF631] Richard Tanfield (born 1714) married (at Bedale, 5th November 1738) 1. [MARL632] Frances Marshall.

It is assumed this is the correct marriage for this Richard. But at the time of this marriage, Richard was described as "Mr Richard Tanfield, grocer of Bedale". The marriage took place by licence which, if located, may shed further light on the matter. However, there was another Richard Tanfield (son of Christopher) who was baptised at West Tanfield 24th September 1710.

Richard had six children born and baptised at Topcliffe as follows:

Jane (baptised 3rd November 1739), possibly died at Topcliffe (buried there, 8th November 1763);

[TANF642] Isabel (baptised 17th September 1742), married (at Wath-juxta-Ripon, 1st September 1762) [BODD641] Richard Body (born 1734, see BODDY);

Anne (baptised 1st January 1744/5);

Richard (baptised 30th October 1748), died (age 8 months) at Topcliffe (buried there, 5th June 1749);

Frances (baptised 16th April 1751, presumably named for her mother), died (age nearly 10) at Topcliffe (buried there, 2nd February 1761);

William (baptised 9th January 1753/4), died (age nearly 8) at Topcliffe (buried there, 18th December 1761).

It is possible Frances (if that really was his wife) died about this time (as having children spanning 1739 to 1763 is unlikely). If so, Richard married 2. probably (at West Tanfield, 15th October 1758) Anne Hawkeswell. (However, this particular Richard Tanfield is almost certainly the one baptised at West Tanfield in 1710.) By his (assumed) second marriage he had two further children as follows:

Elizabeth (baptised at Topcliffe, 13th May 1757), died (age 26, of consumption) at Topcliffe (buried there, 23rd July 1785);

Richard (baptised at Topcliffe, 27th December 1762), presumably died young;.

Richard (baptised at Topcliffe, 24th August 1766), married Mary Wilson (a widow).

Richard, a labourer, died (age 78, of apoplexy) at Topcliffe (7th May 1792; and was buried there, 9th May 1792).