Revised 25/01/2018


Thomas BODDY                           Hannah DOWSON
Born 1825                              Born 1827
  at Sinderby                            at North Cowton

Bapt 13 Nov 1825
  at Pickhill, All Saints

Parents Richard/Mary                   Parents John/Ann  ["John Hodgson"]

Married 11 Oct 1857 at Catterick, St Ann
Postmaster of Catterick; bride of Kiplin
(Thomas' father : saddler; bride's father : labourer)

Witnesses Atkin OGLE
          Ann CHALBIN
          Mary Ann SHIELDS
          Dixon SHIELDS

Died 20 Nov 1903 (age 78)              Died 1906 (age 80)
  at Richmond RD                         at Auckland Reg. Dist. (guess)
Will: Thomas BODDY of Catterick, shopkeeper, appointed his dear wife 
Hannah BODDY and brother Richard BODDY to be executrix and executor and
trustees of his Will. Bequests include 20 to his wife, together with 
all his household furniture and effects, stock in trade, goods chattels.
The following legacies payable after the death of his wife: 
James WEAVERS, nephew, 100;
each of my nieces, children of my later sister Ellen MACKENZIE, 100;
dear friend George MORRELL of Albert Road, Saltaire, 50;
each of the three daughters (Mary, Elizabeth and Annie) of my late [great-] 
uncle William BODDY of Sinderby, 50;
my second-cousin Ada NICHOLSON, 20;
trustees of Catterick Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 600  ;
my nephew William Thomas BODDY, the two dwelling houses and premises
in Scorton;
my two nephews Ernest Richard and William Thomas , the son of my brother 
Richard BODDY the residue of my real and personal estate. 
Addresses :
1859    Catterick (postmaster)
1861              (postmaster & grocer draper)
1871              (grocer & draper)
1881              (grocer & draper)
1891              (grocer & draper)

Children :
William Thomas   c 5/6/59 Catterick; buried 28/12/79 Catterick (age 20)
1841 Census not found
1851 Census  2381  Catterick
John      Dowson   H  M 40 waiter                      Catterick
Ann       Dowson   W  M 37                             Brompton nr N.Allerton
Thos      Dowson   S  -  6m                            Catterick
1851 Census  2381  Catterick [next door]
James     Young    H  W 67 postmaster & grocer         Catterick
Elizabeth Young    Nc U 32 dressmaker                  Hurworth
Hannah    DOWSON   Sv U 23 house servant               Catterick
1861 Census  3676-38  Catterick
Thomas    BODDY    H  M 35 postmaster & grocery draper Sinderby
Hannah    BODDY    W  M 33                             Richmond
Wm Thomas Boddy    S  -  1                             Catterick
1871 Census  4876-50  Catterick
Thomas    BODDY    H  M 45 grocer & draper             Sinderby
Hannah    BODDY    W  M 43                             North Cowton
Wm. T.    Boddy    S  - 11 scholar                     Catterick
1881 Census  4881-49  Catterick
Thomas    BODDY    H  M 55 grocer & draper             Sinderby
Hannah    BODDY    W  M 53                             North Cowton
1891 Census  4037-37  Catterick
Thomas    BODDY    H  M 65 grocer & draper             Sinderby
Hannah    BODDY    W  M 63                             North Cowton
Ellen     McKenzie Sv S 20 dom servant                 Darlington DUR
1901 Census  4611-32  Catterick
Thomas    BODDY    H  M 75 grocer & draper             Sinderby
Hannah    BODDY    W  M 73 draper                      North Cowton