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(Sardegna Sardinia)

There is an enormous discrepancy over the dates of around 100 years which has not been resolved.

[TORR311] Gonario-Comita di Salanis (born c.960), Justice of Arborea and Torres.

[TORR321] Barisone I (born c.990), Giustice [Justice] of Arborea and Torres, married Maria di Serra.

[TORR331] Andrea tanca (born c.1020), Justice of Torres.

[TORR341] Mariano I, Justice of Torres, married Susanna di Zori.

s 1101-31[TORR351] Constantino I (born c.1080), Justice of Torres, King of Torres (1101-31) , ?married Marcusa. He died c.1124-27.

[TORR362] Comita I (son of Constantino), King of Torres (1131-47,  abdicated). He started building the Basilica di San Gavino di Torres, c.1030.

[TORR372] Barione I (son of Comita I), King of Torres (1147-85). He completed the building of the Basilica c.1080.

                                                          La Basilica di San Gavino di Torres
(25 October 2018)

[TORR361] Gonario II (born c.1090, son of Constantino I), Justice of Torres, married 1. Elena d'Arborea; then 2. [PISA362] Maria Ebriach (daughter of Ugo Ebriaci, see PISA).

[TORR371] Barisone II (born c.1135), Giudice di Torres, married Preziosa di Orrubu. He died at Messina, Sicily, 1191.

[TORR381] Comita II of Sardinia, Giudice di Torres, (born c.1160), married 1. [ARBO382] Sinispella/ Ispella/Ispelle (see ARBOREA). They were divorced 1203, and she died 1204.

[It is presumed Comita afterwards married 2. Agnese (daughter of Count Manfred II, see SALUZZO (PIEDMONT)). Manfred was the father-in-law of his Comita's daughter Maria. It is possible that Comita's divorce may have been the result of ongoing infidelity between Comita and Agnese.]

[TORR392] Maria (born c.1180, daughter of Comita) married (August 1202) [SALU391] Boniface (see SALUZZO (PIEDMONT)).