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Valognes is a town in Lower Normandy

see also VALEINES

[PONT339] Enguerrand II of Ponthieu (see PONTHIEU & MONTREUIL COUNTY), had a relationship with [CONT329] Muriel (half-sister of William the Conqueror and sister of Bishop Odo of Bayeux, see CONTEVILLE). Afterwards Muriel married [CHAP401] Eudo FitzThurstan (see CHAPELLE-SAINT-SAUVEUR).

[VAL0421] Piers/Peter (born c.1049, illegitimate child of [PONT339] Enguerrand & [CONT329] Muriel (daughter of Herluin, see CHAPELLE-SAINT-SAUVEUR), and nephew of William the Conqueror), Seigneur of Valognes, married [RYES343] Albreda de Rye (born at Rye, near Bayeux, c.1052, daughter of Hubert, see RYE).

At the Domesday Survey (1086) Peter de Valognes held land as tenant-in-chief to the king in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, Suffolk and Norfolk (including Saxlingham-Nethergate).

Peter died c.1109.

[VALO432] Muriel de Valognes (daughter of Piers) married [MUNC321] Hubert de Montecanisio II (see MUNCHENSY).

[VAL0431] Roger [aka Robert] de Valognes (born c.1080, son of Piers), Lord of Bennington, married [EUST383] Agnes (daughter of John of Saxlingham, see FITZEUSTACE). He died c.1141-42.

[VALO442] Sibyl de Valognes (daughter of Roger/Robert) married 1. (c.1145) [ROOS451] Robert de Ros (born c.1117, see HELMSLEY (ROS) BARONY), died c.1163; then 2. (c.1166) William de Percy (born c.1112, see PERCY), died 1175; then 3. (c.1181) Ralph d'Aubigny of Belvoir (who died at Acre, 1191). Sibyl became a nun, and died at Nun Appleton Priory (1222).

[VALO441] Philip (born c.1109, son of Robert), Chamberlain to King William the lion of Scotland, who gave him Panmure (Forfarshire), where he died May 1175.

[VALO451] William (born at Panmure, c.1135, son of Philip), Chamberlain of Scotland, married 1 ---; then 2. Loretta (born c.1176, daughter of Saher II, see WINCHESTER (QUENCY) EARLDOM). He died 1219.