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[VAUZ452] Robert de Vallibus, or Robert de Dalton, (younger son of [VAUX441] Harold de Vallibus, see GILSLAND (VAUX) FEUDAL LORDSHIP). Robert married (in Normandy, c.1116) Agnes (daughter of Ralph FitzWalter of Strickland by Matilda de Langetot, daughter of Ralph de Langetot).

[VAUZ461] John de Vallibus (born 1140, younger son of Robert) went to Scotland (under the patronage of King David I who died in 1153) where he founded the Vaux dynasty at Dirleton, east of Edinburgh. The variance between his suggested birth date and that of Robert's eldest son William will be noted. Also John was only 13 years old when King David died. John died at Dirleton (1187).

  Dirleton Castle
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[VAUZ462] William de Vaux (born in Normandy, c.1117, eldest son of Robert).

[VAUZ472] Robert de Vaux (born c.1140, eldest son of William) married (c.1163) Ada de Isbell (daughter of Ranulf engaine [=engineer]de Isbell, Lord of Isdell, died 1156).

[VAUZ482] Sir Oliver de Vaux (born c.1170), Lord of Hocton (Houghton), married (c.1193) [CROU482] Petronilla (daughter of Guy de Croun, see CROUN, who had previously married 1. Henry de Mara; then 2. William de Longchamps). Sir Oliver was living 1244. Petronilla died 1261.

[VAUZ492] Sir John de Vaux (born c.1205) married 1. (c.1227) Sibilla [LONG472] (born c.1212, daughter of Roger de Longchamps, see LONGCHAMPS); then 2. (after 1268) [GALL403] Lady Dervorguilla of Galloway (born c.1212, daughter of Alan McDonald of Galloway, see GALLOWAY, previously married 1. (1233) John Balliol, 5th Baron of Balliol, Regent of Scotland, died 25th October 1268). Sir John was High Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk (1263-65), fought at the Battle of Evesham (1265), Justice Itinerant (c.1278), Steward of the Duchy of Aquitaine (c.1283). He died in Aquitaine (1288). Lady Devorguilla died at Kempston, Beds, (28th January 1289-90, and was buried at "Sweetheart Abbey", Dumfriesshire. Her son John de Balliol was later King of Scotland (1292-96).

[VAUZ502] Maud (born c.1258, daughter of Sir John & Sibilla) married (1287) [ROOS501] Lord William (see HELMSLEY (ROS) BARONY).