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[VERN331] Hugh de Vernon married [BAS1422] --- de Vernon (daughter of Vicomte Osmond, see BASSETT).

[VERN341] William de Vernon married [FZOS342] Emma FitzOsbern (daughter of Osbern de Crepon (see HEREFORD (FITZOSBERN) EARLDOM) .

[VERN351] Richard de Vernon (born c.1060, apparently son of Baldwin), Seigneur de Reviers, Vernon and Nehou (Normandy), 3rd Lord of the Isle of Wight (1102), and held Carisbrooke Castle, which then remained with the Reviers family until 1293, when Countess Isabella sold it to King Edward I.




Carisbrooke Castle
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Carisbrooke Castle
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Richard married [PEVE363] Adelaise (born c.1072, see PEVEREL). He died 8th November 1107.

[REVI361] Baldwin de Reviers (son & heir of Richard), 4th Lord of the Isle of Wight (1107), is described under DEVON (REVIERS) EARLDOM.

[REVI363] Hawise de Reviers (daughter of Richard), married [ROUM421] Earl William (see LINCOLN (ROUMARE) EARLDOM).

[REVI364] Avis de Reviers (probably daughter of Richard), married [WOUR351] Hugh de Worth (see WORTH).

[REVI365] Mabilia de Reviers (born c.1100, daughter of Richard), married [GRAY351] Lord Richard de Grey (see WILTON (GREY) BARONY).

[VERN362] William de Vernon (born c.1094, son of Richard), married [TANC422] Lucy (born c.1090, daughter of William de Tancarville, hereditary Chamberlain of Normandy, see TANCARVILLE). William inherited his father's lands in Normandy. Lucy died 1165, and William died 1174.

[VERN372] Maud de la Haye (born c.1127, daughter of William) married [HAYE431] Richard de la Haye (born c.1125, see DE LA HAYE).

[VERN371] Hugh de Vernon (born c.1113, son of William).

[VERN381] Warin de Vernon (born c.1135), married [BALI472] --- de Balliol (born c.1137, daughter of Reginald de Balliol, see BALLIOL).

[VERN391] Richard de Vernon (born c.1155), married [AUVE392] Avice (born c.1160, daughter of [AUVE381] William de Auvenal).

[VERN401] Warin de Vernon (born c.1178), married (c.1195) [MALB402] Auda (daughter of William Malbank, see MALBANK).

[VERN411] Warin de Vernon (born c.1210), married [ANDE412] Margaret (widow of Hugh de Antaribus, and daughter of [ANDE401] Ralph de Andeville).

[VERN422] Edith de Vernon (daughter of Warin) married [STAR481] William II de Stafford (see STAFFORD).