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This descent below is based on the assumption that the George Wade who married (at Barrowden, 1794) Mary Stangar, and died (age 56) at Barrowden (1824), was born at Barrowden (c.1768) but that his baptism details were omitted from the parish register. There is a convenient gap between 1765 and 1770 where such a baptism would have fitted in.

A George Wade married (at Uppingham, 18th November 1632) Sarah Attun; and a John Wade married (at Uppingham, 20th January 1641-42) Grace Nutt.

  Uppingham Church
(30 April 2016)

Either of whom [or neither] could have been the father of the following.

[WADE601] John Wade and his wife Mary had six children born and baptised at Barrowden as follows:

John appears in the 1665 Hearth Tax at Barrowden with 1 hearth. He died at Barrowden (buried there 6th February 1670-71), ten weeks before their last child Thomas was baptised.

[WADE611] Thomas Wade (born 1671), of Tixover, married (at Whissendine, 1st December 1699) [BLLL612] Sarah Bull.

  Whissendine Church
(13 September 2016)

They had four children born and baptised at Barrowden as follows:

Thomas died at Barrowden (buried there 2nd December 1738), and Sarah died at Barrowden also (buried 24th December 1741).

[WADE621] George Wade (born 1712) married (at Seaton, 15th April 1734) [FREE622] Anne Freer (born 1711, see FREER).

  Seaton Church
(30 April 2016)

They had four children born and baptised at Barrowden as follows:

Ann died at Barrowden (buried there 22nd May 1776), and George (a collar maker) died at Barrowden also (buried there 16th May 1781).

[WADE631] Thomas Wade (born 1736) married (at Barrowden, 1st July 1763) [CLFF632] Elisabeth Cliff (born 1742, see CLIFF), witnessed by John Simpson and Martha Cliff (bride's sister). They had six children born and baptised at Barrowden, as follows:

Elisabeth died (age 82) at Barrowden (buried there 1st December 1822).

[WADE641] George Wade (born c.1768) married (at Barrowden, 25th November 1794) [STNG642] Mary Stangar (born 1766, at Thorpe-by-Water, see STANGAR), witnessed by Thomas Johnson (parish clerk), and Samuel Exton (Mary's brother-in-law). They had five children born and baptised at Barrowden as follows:

Afterwards, John Wade married 2. Mary Brittain nee Stangars. The various Censuses at King's Cliffe confirm this is the correct John Wade, born at Barrowden. Their son George William (born at King's Cliffe, 1850) was a journeyman wheelwright.

In the absence of a baptism record for George Wade, the afore-mentioned marriage between John Wade and Elizabeth Cox (1832) is the only evidence that George Wade was the brother of Elizabeth Wade. George (a labourer) died (age 56) at Barrowden (buried there 15th December 1824). George's date at death indicates a likely birth sometime during 1768. Mary died (age 73, of apoplexy) at Barrowden (7th November 1840, buried there 10th November 1840).