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[WARW351] Henry de Beaumont (born c.1048, younger son of [BEAM341] Count Roger & Adeline, see HARCOURT-1). He married [PERC352] Marguerite (daughter of Count Geoffrey, see CHATEAUDUN). He supported King William II against the rebels (1088), for which he was created 1st Earl of Warwick (1088). He died c. June 1119. Margaret was still living 1156.

[WARW361] Roger (1st son & heir), 2nd Earl of Warwick (1119), married [SURR433] Gundred (daughter of Earl William, see SURREY (WARENNE) EARLDOM).

Roger was at the Battle of Lincoln (2nd February 1141), and afterwards joined the cause of EMPRESS MATILDA of his free will. He served with her at the Siege of Winchester (1141), but was serving with King Stephen at Stamford (early 1142). At an unknown date he allowed Warwick Castle to be garrisoned by King Stephen's troops, and he was with King Stephen when he heard the garrison had been tricked by Henry's knights and the castle had surrendered. (It has also been said that Roger's wife had ejected the royal garrison and handed over the castle to Henry.) Although not to blame, Roger was said to be so overcome with shame and grief that he died suddenly (1153).

Afterwards, Roger's widow Gundred married 2. (c.1154) [LANK361] Lord William de Lancaster (see KENDAL (1)).

[WARW371] William (eldest son of Roger) became 3rd Earl. He married 1. [DAIV452] Margery d'Eiville (son of John d'Eiville, see DEIVILLE); then 2. (before 1175) Maud (daughter & coheir of William de Percy, see PERCY).

[WARW374] Agnes (daughter of Roger) married [CLIG441] Geoffrey I de Clinton (see CLINTON).

[WARW372] Waleran (2nd son of Roger) married 1. Margery (daughter of [HERE441] Humphrey III de Bohun); then 2. (c.1196) [HARC372] Alice du Harcourt (see HARCOURT-2, who had previously married 1. John de Limsey, Lord of Cavendish, Suffolk.) Waleran became 4th Earl of Warwick (1184) succeeding his elder brother, William, the 3rd Earl. He died before October 1204. Alice died sometime after 1212.

[WARW382] Alice (daughter of Waleran & Alice) married [MAUD381] Earl William (see WARWICK (MAUDUIT) EARLDOM below).

Meanwhile the Earldom remained in the Beaumont family. The 5th Earl was the 4th Earl’s brother [WARW381] Henry, and the 6th Earl was the 5th Earl’s son [WARW391] Sir Thomas. (The 7th Earl was a son-in-law of the 6th Earl.) Afterwards the Earldom passed to the Mauduit family.


[MAUD331] William I mauduit (which is said to mean dunce, [but more significantly it was also part of the name of one of his manors]) became Lord of Portchester, Hants, etc.

He was living 1086 at the time of the Domesday Survey, when he was tenant-in-chief in Hampshire, holding Bessete, Hartley Mauditt, Portchester, Preston Candover, Rowner and Shalden. He probably founded the castle at Portchester, on the site of the old Roman and later Saxon fortification.

William died c.1100, and was succeeded by his son Robert, who drowned in the "white Ship" disaster. The castle later passed through marriage to Robert de l'Arche, but apparently briefly returned to the Mauduit family c.1148, before being taken over by King Henry II following his succession to the throne.



Portchester Castle
12th Century Keep
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[MAUD341] William II (born c.1070, son of William) of Hanslope, Bucks, married [HANS342] Maude de Hanslope (see HANSLOPE). William was Chamberlain of the Exchequer to Kings Henry I and II, and died c.1160.

[MAUD352] Maud (daughter of William II) married [WOLV451] Baron Meinfelin (see WOLVERTON BARONY).

[MAUD351] William III (born c.1094, son of William II) of Hameslepe married [SLIZ375] Adelicia de St. Liz (daughter of [2nd] Earl Simon, see HUNTINGDON (ST. LIZ) EARLDOM). He was Chamberlain of the Exchequer to King Henry II. He died 1170.

[MAUD362] Alice mauduit (born c.1135, daughter of William III) married [BIDU441] John de Bidun (see BIDUN).

[MAUD361] William IV (born c.1126, son of William III) of Hameslepe married [SLIZ382] Isabel de St. Liz (daughter of [5th] Earl Simon, see HUNTINGDON (ST. LIZ) EARLDOM). He was Chamberlain of the Exchequer. He was living 1197.

[MAUD371] Robert (born c.1169) of Hameslepe married (c.1190) [WALL482] Isabel (daughter & coheir of Thurstan Basset, see WALLINGFORD (BASSET) BARONY). He was Chamberlain of the Exchequer, and died 1221.

[MAUD381] William V (born c.1190) of Hanslope, Bucks, married [WARW382] Alice (daughter of Earl Waleran, see WARWICK (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM above). He was Chamberlain of the Exchequer, and died April 1257. (His son, William VI, took the title of the Warwick Earldom through his mother.)

[MAUD392] Isabel (born c.1214, daughter of William V) married [BXXX461] Baron William (see WARWICK (BEAUCHAMP) EARLDOM below).

[MAUD391] William VI mauduit (born c.1221, son of William V) became 8th Earl of Warwick (1263). He died without issue (January 1268) and the title then passed to his nephew William, the son of his sister Isabel (see WARWICK (BEAUCHAMP) EARLDOM below).


[BXXX381] Humphrey du Harcourt (born c.980, son of [BERD329] Seigneur Thorold de Pont-Audemer & Avelina Duceline, see HARCOURT-1).

[BXXX391] Robert de Beauchamp (born c.1020). He died c.1066.

[BXXX401] Hugh de Beauchamp (born c.1044) married 1. Matilda Taillebois (daughter of either Ivo or Rolf [most likely] Taillebois); then 2. [RYES352] Margaret de Rye (widow of [MAND351] William de Mandeville (see ESSEX (MANDEVILLE) EARLDOM). Hugh died c.1115.

[BXXB411] Payne de Beauchamp (son of Hugh & Matilda), of Bedford, is described under BEAUCHAMP OF BEDFORD, see below.

[BXXC411] Nicholas de Beauchamp (born c.1080, son of Hugh & Matilda) married [ABIT412] Emmaline le Despenser (born c.1076, daughter of Urso, see ABITOT).

[BXXC422] Emmaline de Beauchamp (daughter of Nicholas) married [FZRM431] Orm le Gulden (see FITZORM).Gulden (see FITZORM).

[BXXX411] Walter de Beauchamp (born c.1085, son of Hugh) possibly married Emmeline d'Abitot (instead of Emmaline having married Nicholas as shown above, the mistake having arisen because Nicholas had a daughter Emmaline). Walter was a sub-tenant at Elmley Lovett, Worcs.

[BXXZ421] Hugh de Beauchamp (born c.1104, son of Walter), 1st Baron de Beauchamp, married [TRAI422] Philippa de Trailly, born c.1135, daughter of Geoffrey, see TRAILLY). Hugh died in Jerusalem on a crusade (1187).

[BXXZ432] Andilicia (born c.1140, daughter of Hugh) married [MALB451] William II de Malbank (see MALBANK)

[BXXX421] William of Elmley (Worcs) (born c.1110, son of Hugh) married [ABER373] Maud de Braose (daughter of William de Braose, see ABERGAVENNY (BRIOUZE) BARONY). He was at one time Sheriff of Worcestershire. He died 1167, and afterwards Maud married 2. John de Brampton.

[BXXX432] --- (daughter of William) married [WOUR361] Robert de Worth (see WORTH).

[BXXX431] William of Elmley (born c.1131, son of William) married [VALE362] Joane de Saint-Valerie (daughter of Sir Reginald, see SAINT-VALERIE), and died 1191.

[BXXX441] Walter of Elmley (born c.1152) married [ABER385] Bertha Briouze (daughter of [ABER371] Lord William, see ABERGAVENNY (BRIOUZE) BARONY). He was Governor of Hanley Castle, Worcs, (1215), and died 1235.

[BXXX451] Walcheline (born c.1176) married [MORT463] Joan de Mortimer (see WIGMORE (MORTIMER) BARONY). He died 1235, the same year as his father.

[BXXX461] William (born c.1215), Baron Beauchamp and feudal Lord of Elmley, married [MAUD392] Isabel Mauduit (daughter of William Mauduit, see WARWICK (MAUDUIT) EARLDOM above). He died 5th June 1268.

[BXXX472] Alice (daughter of William) married [BRUS481] Bernard de Brus (see CONINGTON LORDSHIP).

[BXXX471] William the blind baron (born c.1242, 1st son & heir apparent of William) married [FZG2472] Maud de Furnivaile (widow of Sir Gerard de Furnivalle, and daughter of Sir John FitzGeoffrey, see FITZGEOFFREY). He became 9th Earl of Warwick (1268), succeeding his maternal uncle William, the 8th Earl, and died at Elmley (c. June 1298). Maud died April 1301.

[BXXX489] Isabel (daughter of William) married 1. [CHAW491] Sir Patrick de Chawices (see CHAORCES); then 2. [DESP481] Sir Hugh (see WINCHESTER (DESPENSER) EARLDOM).


[BXXB411] Payne de Beauchamp (born c.1118, son of [BXXX401] Hugh, see WARWICK (BEAUCHAMP) EARLDOM above), of Bedford, married [OXFO389] Rohese de Vere (see OXFORD (VERE) EARLDOM). She had previously married 1. [MAND361] Earl Geoffrey (see ESSEX (MANDEVILLE) EARLDOM). Payne died c.1156, and Rohese died 1207.

[BXXB422] Beatrice (daughter of Payne) married [MORV431] Hugh de Morville (born c.1105, see MORVILLE (1)).

[BXXB423] Adelicia (daughter of Payne) married [MALB391] William II Malbank, see MALBANK).

[BXXB421] Simon de Beauchamp (born c.1150), Baron of Bedford, married [WAKE462] Isabel de Wake (daughter of Hugh Wake (see WAKE). Simon died 1206.

[BXXB431] William de Beauchamp of Bedford (born c.1185), married 1. Gunnora de Lanvalei; then 2. (by 1220) [LONG464] Ida (daughter of Earl William, see SALISBURY (LONGESPEE) EARLDOM). He died 1236.

[BXXB442] Beatrix de Beauchamp (daughter of William, heir of her niece Joan) married 1. [FOTH391] Sir Thomas FitzOtto (born c.1231, see FITZOTTO); died c.1273; then 2. Sir William de Monchesney.

[BXXB443] Ela de Beauchamp (daughter of William & probably Ida) married Baldwin III Wake (see WAKE).

[BXXB441] Simon IV (son of William & Ida) probably married Isabel Wake (daughter of Hugh Wake of Liddell)

[BXXB452] Joan (born c.1234, daughter & heir of Simon IV), died at Evesham (1265). Her heirs were her 3 aunts, including [BXXB442] Beatrice.