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[MORT401] Roger de Mortimer, Seigneur de Mortemer-sur-Eulne in Normandy, married [VALS332] Hawise de Valois (see VALOIS COUNTY). He died between 1076-86.

[MORT411] Ralph (born c.1055) married 1. Melisande (died before March 1088); then 2. Mabel. He died c.1100.

At the Domesday Survey, Ralph held lands as tenant-in-chief, in Berks, Hants, Herefordshire, Leics, Lincs, Oxon, Salop, Somerset, Warks, Wilts, Worcs and Yorks. His main seat being Wigmore, where he was Marcher Lord (see MARCHES). Together with Bernard de Neufmarche (see NOVA MERCATO), and Roger de Lacy (see LACY (2)), and a large body of English, Norman and Welsh fighting men, Ralph attacked Worcester (1088) with the intention of burning the town and pillaging the church. But they were beaten by the Bishop's men before crossing the Severn. The next year Ralph was one of the barons of Eastern Normandy who sided with King William II rufus against his elder brother DUKE ROBERT II curthose. Finally it is recorded that in 1104 he sided with King Henry I against this Duke.

[MORT422] Hawise (daughter of Ralph & Melisande) married (c.1104) [AUMA341] Count Stephen (see AUMALE COUNTY).

[MORT421] Hugh (born c.1082, son & heir of Ralph).

Hugh initiated the reconquest of the Marches (1144) after the revolt of the Welsh following the death of King Henry I. Hugh captured and imprisoned the Welsh prince Rhys ap Howel (1145) then slew Meredith, son of Madog ap Idnerth (late chieftain of Elfael and Maelienydd, 1146), and finally blinded his prisoner Rhys ap Howel (1147-48).

Hugh died 1149/50.

[MORT431] Hugh (born c.1108) married (c.1151) [MESC379] Maud de Romily (widow, daughter of William, see MESCHIN, who had previously married 1. [BELM371] Philip de Belmeis, of Tong, Salop, Ashby, Leics, etc, see BELMEIS). Hugh held Bridgnorth Castle, but lost it to King Henry II (1155), who then granted the town its first Royal Charter.  Hugh died 1180-81, and Maud died c.1189.

Bridgnorth Castle was later captured by the barons who rebelled against King Edward II. During the 17th Century Civil War the castle was attacked by Parliamentary forces (1646) and a year later was utterly destroyed on orders from the new Parliament. The Great Tower now leans at an angle of 15 degrees.

  Bridgnorth Castle ruins
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[MORT459] Roger (born c.1158) was an active Marcher Lord, and in 1195 he drove the sons of Cadwallon out of Maelienydd, and restored Cwmaron Castle. However the following year he was beaten near Radnor by Prince Rhys (see SOUTH WALES PRINCES), with much slaughter. Roger married 1. [DERB393] Millisent de Ferrieres (see DERBY (FERRIERES) EARLDOM); then 2. [FER2392] Isabel (see FERRIERES). Roger died before August 1214, and afterwards his widow Isabel married 2. Piers FitzHerbert of Blaen Llynfi, see HERBERT).

[MORT463] Joan (daughter of Roger & Millisent) married [BXXX451] Walter de Beauchamp (see WARWICK (BEAUCHAMP) EARLDOM).

[MORT461] Ralph (son of Roger & Isabel) married (1230) [GWYN398] Gwladys ddu ferch Llywelyn (see GWYNEDD KINGDOM (1)). Gwladys previously married 1. (1215) [ABER381] Reynold (see ABERGAVENNY (BRIOUZE) BARONY). Ralph died June 1246.

[MORT472] Sir Roger (born c.1232) married (1247) [ABER403] Maud de Briouze (see ABERGAVENNY (BRIOUZE) BARONY). Ralph was Knighted at Winchester (1253), and died at Kingsland (Herefordshire) (before October 1282).

[MORT483] Isabel (daughter of Roger) married 1. [ARU2481] Earl John (see ARUNDEL (FITZALAN) EARLDOM); then 2. (before 1273) Ralph d'Arderne; then 3. (at Poling, Sussex, September 1285) Robert de Hastang (see HASTANG).

[MORT489] Edmund (son of Roger) married 1. ---; then 2. (1285) [FIES432] Margaret de Fiennes (see FIENNES). Edmund was created 1st Lord Mortimer (1295), and died July 1304.

At his death his extensive property in 21 counties passed to his under-age son Roger. For example, in Herefordshire this included the manors of Eardisland, Kingsland and nearby Pembridge, and the castle and town of Wigmore; in Shropshire it included the manor of Cleobury Mortimer and the hamlet of Leintwardine; whilst in Wales it included the towns of Knighton, Norton and Pilleth.

[MORT492] Isolt/Isolda (daughter of Edmund & his 1st unnamed wife) married 1. Sir Walter de Balun of Much Marcle (Herefordshire); then 2. (c.1288) [GLO2491] Lord Hugh (see GLOUCESTER (AUDLEY) EARLDOM).

[MRCH491] Roger (born c. 1287, son of Edmund & Margaret) became 2nd Lord Mortimer (1328) and was later created 1st Earl of March (see MARCH (MORTIMER) EARLDOM for full details).