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[RUFF441] William Ruffus.

[RUFF452] Emma (perhaps born at Armston, Northamptonshire, c.1161, daughter of William) married (c.1181) [LEIG451] Bartholomew de Leigh (see LEIGH below).


[LEIG441] Hugh de Leigh (perhaps born at Thurleigh, Bedfordshire, c.1126) married (c.1151) [GLAN452] Beatrice de Glanville (see GLANVILLE).

[LEIG451] Bartholomew de Leigh (perhaps born at Thurleigh, c.1156) married (c.1181) [RUFF452] Emma (see RUFFUS see above). Bartholomew died c.1217.

[LEIG462] Nichole de Leigh (perhaps born at Shalbourne, Wiltshire, c.1185, daughter of Bartholomew) married [CAUZ461] Roger de Cauz (see CAUZ below).


[CAUZ441] Roger de Cauz.

[CAUZ451] Roger de Cauz.

[CAUZ461] Roger de Cauz (younger son of Roger, perhaps at Shalbourne, Wiltshire, c.1180) married (at Shirland, Derbyshire, c.1207) [LEIG462] Nichole de Leigh (see LEIGH above).

[CAUZ472] Emma de Cauz (perhaps born at Shalbourne, c.1212, daughter of Roger) married 1. John de Sedgrave (died 1230); then 2. (at London, c.1232) [GREY479] John de Grey (see WILTON (GREY) BARONY below).


[GREY381] Fulbert of Falais, (see FALAISE) married Doda.

[GREY391] Reynald de Falaise (born c.1008, said to be son of Fulbert the tanner), Lord of Croy.

[GREY401] John de Croy (born at Pas-de-Calais, c.1033) married [FZOS353] Adeliza FitzOsbern (born at Breteuil, daughter of Earl William, see HEREFORD (FITZOSBERN) EARLDOM).

[GREY411] Reynold/Arnold de Grey (born c.1058) married Joane de Pont l'Arche (born c.1070, at Pont de l'Arche, Normandy).

[GREC421] Henry de Grey (born c.1085, son of Reynold), of Croy, married [TATF422] Ellen de Bohun (born at Aynho, c.1089, daughter of Baron Humphrey the bearded, see TATERFORD BARONY).

[GREC431] John de Grey (born c.1123, of Water Eaton, son of Henry) married [HERT464] Eleanor de Clare (born c.1137, daughter of Earl Roger, see HERTFORD (CLARE) EARLDOM).

[GREC442] Hawise de Grey ([born c.1155], daughter of John) married [GREY451] John de Grey of Thurrock (see later).

[GREY421] Anchitel de Grai (born c.1085, son of Reynold) of Rotherfield, married Eva..

[GREY431] Richard de Grey (born c.1110), of Rotherfield, married Mabilla de Rotherfield (born in Oxfordshire, c.1114, daughter of Richard Vernon, Seigneur de Reviers, see VERNON).

[GREY441] Anchitel de Grey (born c.1135), of Thurrock, married [REVI372] Mathilda de Reviers (daughter of Earl Baldwin, see DEVON (REVIERS) EARLDOM), widow of 1. Robert d'Oyley.

[GREY451] John de Grey (born c.1155), of Thurrock, married 1. [GREC442] Hawise de Grey ([born c.1155], daughter of [GREC431] John de Grey of Water Eaton, by Eleanor de Clare, see earlier); then 2. Elena de Clare (daughter of [HERT451] Roger "the Good" de Clare, Earl of Hertford, & Maud de St. Hilaire (see HERTFORD (CLARE) EARLDOM).

[GREY462] Eva de Grey (born c.1172, daughter of John de Grey of Rotherfield & Elena) married 1. Ralph Murdac III, then 2. [BEAX451] Andrew de Beauchamp (see BEAUCHAMP-2)

[GREY461] Sir Henry de Grey (born at Thurrock, Essex, c.1178-84), married [BARF363] Isolda Bardolf (see BARDOLF). Henry purchased (1199) Thurrock Manor (Essex), and later (1201) acquired Codnor (Derbyshire). By 1212 he also held Shirland (Derbyshire), and Toton, Radcliffe-on-Trent (Nottinghamshire). He died 1219, and afterwards Isolda married 2. Reynold de Meurdre. Isolda died c.1246.

[GREY479] Sir John de Grey (born at Shirland, Derbys, c.1205, younger son of Henry), Sheriff of Buckingham, Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire, married 1. [GLAN463] Emma de Glanville (sister & coheir of Sir Geoffrey de Glanville, see GLANVILLE); then 2. (at London, c.1232) [CAUZ402] Emma de Cauz (see CAUZ above, and widow of John de Segrave, who died 1230); then 3. (at London without licence, October 1251) Joane (widow of Paul Peverel/Piper, who died June 1251). Joan died at Leyham (1256), and John died c. March 1265-66.

[GREY482] Emma de Grey (daughter of John & his 1st wife Emma) married [HUNT381] Sir William de Huntingfield (see HUNTINGFIELD).

[GREY481] Sir Reginald de Grey (born c.1235, son & heir of John & 2nd wife Emma), married (c.1262) [LONC482] Maud de Longchamp (daughter & heir of Sir Henry, see LONGCHAMP), and thereby inherited Wilton Castle (Herefordshire). Reginald was 1st Lord Grey of Wilton (1290). Maud died November 1302, and Reginald died April 1308. Wilton Castle (on the Wye, opposite bank to Ross-on-Wye), was then an earthwork motte and bailey, and was rebuilt in stone by a later descendant. Only ruins now remain.

       Wilton Castle ruins
(24 August 2011)

Reginald was High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire & the Royal Forests, Constable of Chester Castle, Constable of Nottingham Castle (1265), Constable of Northampton Castle (1267), Justice of Chester (1270 and 1284) and High Sheriff of Chester (1270-74). He was also granted (c.1277) Dyffryn Clwyd together with Ruthin Castle, for assisting King Edward I in his campaign against Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, the rebellious Prince of Wales. Reginald strengthened Ruthin Castle (1295), overseen by Master James of St. George (the King's architect who oversaw the construction or rebuilding of at least 12 of the 17 Welsh Castles attributed to King Edward I).

  Ruthin Castle ruins
(23 September 2011)

[GREY493] Hawise/Joane de Grey (daughter of Reginald) married (c.1304) [BASS501] Lord Ralph (see DRAYTON BARONY).

[GREY491] John de Grey (son of Reginald), 2nd Baron Grey of Wilton, (allegedly) married 1.  [DERB422] Anne (daughter of [DERB411] Sir William de Ferrers of Groby (see DERBY (FERRIERES) EARLDOM, although this has never been proven); then 2. Maud. John died 28th October 1323.

[GREY501] Henry de Grey (born 1281), 3rd Baron Grey of Ruthin (son of John  & Anne), married Anne de Rockley (daughter of Ralph de Rockley & Isabel de Clare). Henry died 10th December 1342.

[GREY511] Sir Reynold de Grey (born 1st November 1311), 4th Baron Grey of Ruthin, married [BOTE422] Maud de Botetourt (see BOTETOURT BARONY). Reynold died 28th May 1370. Maud died 14th September  1391.

[GREY522] Maud (daughter of Sir Reynold de Grey & Maud), married [MOEL401] John de Moels (see MOELS).