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Worcs, Bucks and Northants

The information is based on a family tree produced by Miss J Ryder, deposited in Northamptonshire Record Office (March.1981), the result of examining a number of Shakerley and Winwood wills

IGI denotes details extracted from the  International Genealogical Index, but not checked at source.

[WINW561] --- Winwood [forename not recorded] married Anne, and had the following children:

Elizabeth (-) possibly married --- Parpoynt [Pierrepoint];

[WINW572] Lewis (born c.1492), see later;

Thomas (born at Wolverley, Worcs), was a member of either the Stock Fishmongers' Company or the Salt Fishmongers' Company. He married Elizabeth [possibly surnamed Myddelton]. Thomas died 1522, leaving a will wherein he mentioned the children of his brother Lewis;

Anne ([born c.1505]) married [c.1530] Rowland Shakerley (gentleman, mercer of London & Aynho).


Their youngest children, Alice and Mary, were baptised in London in 1538 and 1540 respectively IGI.


In 1537, Rowland Shakerley was noted as being a Freeman Householder of the Mercers' Company. In 1540 he purchased Amblecote Manor (Worcs), but conveyed it in the same year to Thomas Grey. In 1540 Rowland obtained the lease of the manor of Aynho (Northants), rent free for twenty years, from Henry FitzAlan, Lord Maltravers, only son of the 17th Earl of Arundel, in settlement of a debt of 465. In 1544 he purchased the manor outright for 1,060, after Henry had become the 18th Earl. A tax return in 1545 showed Rowland was the richest man in Aynho, closely followed by Edward Love, tenant of College Farm, with a holding of 6 virgates (about 180 acres) and taxed in the sum of 20. (Edward will be mentioned later.) Rowland died [or was perhaps buried] 9th March 1564-65, and was succeeded as Lord of Aynho by his grandson, also named Rowland, his son John having meantime predeceased him. Rowland's widow Anne was buried at Aynho 16th April 1571.

[WINW572] Lewis Winwood [born c.1492] was secretary to Sir Charles Brandon, K.G., 4th DUKE OF SUFFOLK. Lewis married [c.1530] [WING572] Anne Wingfield (see WINGFIELD), who was Charles Brandon's second-cousin, which could explain how they first met.

At the "Visitation of Buckinghamshire" (1634), a pedigree was given for "Winwood, of Ditton". Three relevant entries (spelling as shown, uncorrected) are here extracted:

Lewis Winwood of ... married into == Sir Anthony Wingfields Family

     Richard Winwood of Eynow in == ... Blackenhall widow of Thomas
     Co. Northampt.                                Richardson

          Vx. Haughton de Co. Suff.

The pedigree would have been deposited (1634) by Sir Ralph Winwood, of Ditton Park (Bucks). He is referring to:

1. his grandfather Lewis Winwood who married into the Wingfield family,

2. his father Richard Winwood of Aynho in the County of Northamptonshire who married Joyce Blackenhall,

3. his unnamed sister, wife of John Haughfen of the County of Suffolk.

The absence of the forename Joyce from Blackenhall, and the reference to Haughton instead of Haughfen, suggest that when the pedigree was transcribed it may have been in bad condition with some of the wording illegible. However it confirms the descent from the Wingfield, through Winwood, to Haughfen. The confirmation that John Haughton was indeed John Haughfen, is clear from the brass memorial plate inside Tunstall Church (Suffolk) which mentions John Haughfen, Mary Winwood, Richard Winwood and Joyce his wife.

Lewis had at least two children:

[WINW581] Richard (born c.1531), see later;

--- (daughter) married --- Naunton

Lewes Winwood was buried at St. Benet Gracechurch, London, 20th April 1574.

[W1NW581] Richard Winwood (born c.1531) married [BLAC582] Joyce Blackenhall. The family lived at Aynho (Northants), where Richard was presumably a tenant on the estates owned by Magdalen College, Oxford. Richard died at Aynho (c. May 1571) and was buried in the tomb in the Chancel of the church there. Richard left a will, and his bequests included:

Joyes (his wife) -- (remaining lease on his mansion house, goods belonging thereto, 125 sheep, 12 beasts, 5 horses); Joyes to occupy the parsonage of Aynho until their son Lewes reaches the age of 26, paying from the yearly payings 20 to each child);

His children in general -- (residue shared between them; also 20 annually from their mother until Lewes reaches 26 years of age). They included Raffe (latterly Sir Ralph), who was born at Aynho (1563), and died in London (27th October 1617);

His son Lewes -- (to inherit Aynho parsonage from his mother when he is 26; "but should he die beforehand, the property is to go to Raffe Winwoode");

In addition Richard willed that "his saide weiff shuld bringe upp his children at her owne proper coste and charges".

"A Topographical Dictionary of England" (ed. Samuel Lewis, 1848) records under Aynho that: Here was anciently an hospital dedicated to St. John and St. James, founded about the time of Henry II., and in 1484 united to Magdalene College, Oxford, by gift of the patron, William Fitz-Alan [Earl of Arundel].

Richard's children were as follows:


Ralph (born 1563), Knighted, married Elizabeth Ball. In his Will (1613), Ralph left 10 to his nephew George Haughfen, 50 to his niece Anne Sergent, and a silver gilt cup to his cousin [Robert] Naunton;

[WINW592] Mary (-), married (c.1579) [HAUG591] John Haughfen (see HAUGHFEN);

Frances (-) married (at Aynho, 19th October 1584) Simon Lambard of Buckingham;

Elizabeth (-) married (at Little Ilford, Essex, 1584 IGI) William Sargeant of Waldridge, near Aylesbury, (Bucks), and their daughter Joyce married 1. (at Dinton, Bucks, 1616) Sir Francis Blundell (1579-1625), 1st Baronet Blundell of Edenderry; then 2. Nicholas White.

Afterwards, Joyce Winwood married 2. Thomas Richardson.

Thomas Richardson died in November 1573, and was buried at Bow Brickhill (Bucks).

  Bow Brickhill Church
(20 June 2016)

In his will Richard left 20s. each to his wife's children. To Joyce he left the annual rental from property in Willin [not identified, but possibly Willian near Letchworth, Herts, see later], and half the residue of his estate after his various bequests had been executed. Joyce was also to bring up his four children until the age of 21 using their portions of the residue. One of the overseers of the will was Mr Edward Love of Aynho, who was patron of Ardley Church, Oxon, (1559-84), and also at one time owned the rectory at Stoke Lyne (Oxon). The youngest son Edward Richardson appears in the Buckinghamshire Visitation (1634) as Sir Edward Richardson of Buckingham married to Mary (sister of Sir Francis Crawley, Justice of the Common Pleas). Alongside Edward's name is entered that of his step-brother Sir Ralph Winwood.

Afterwards Joyce Richardson married 3. John Weekes (of Buckingham, a Yeoman of the Guard).

The marriage has not been identified, but curiously a John Weekes married (at Willian, Herts, 5th October 1595 IGI) Marie Richardson.

Joyce Weeks died at Buckingham and was buried with her first husband in a tomb below the chancel in Aynho Church (28th May 1617).

Aynho Church was ravaged during the Civil War, then in 1723 demolished apart from the original 14thC  tower, and subsequently rebuilt. The presence today in the centre aisle (of the new part of the church) of the brass memorial  to the rector, Revd. Thomas Drope, who was buried in the chancel (19th November 1633), together with the absence of a memorial to the Winwood family, strongly suggests there never was one for the latter, otherwise it too should have survived. Evidence that the crypt itself (and presumably the tombs therein) survived the rebuilding, is indicated by the stone slab with two lifting rings adjacent to Drope's memorial plate.



Aynho Church
(8 July 2009)

Stone slab above
the crypt