[WODK621] John Wood junior married (at Coggeshall, 17th October 1695) [HOPP622] Mary Hopper.


Coggeshall Church
(26 September 2014)

They had four children born and baptised at Coggeshall as follows:

[WODK631] Henry (baptised 28th March 1697), married Martha ---, see later;

Thomas (baptised 23rd March 1700/1);

Philip (baptised 27th December 1702);

Joseph (baptised 2nd May 1706).

[WODK631] Henry Wood (born 1697) and his wife Martha had three children born and baptised at Coggeshall as follows:

[WODK641] John (baptised 24th June 1722), married 1. Martha Scapy; then 2. Elizabeth Harvey, see later;

Henry (baptised 8th March 1723/4), married Susannah Totman;

Thomas (baptised 18th December 1726), married 1. Anne Nicholls; then 2. Louisa James; then 3. Lucy Wyatt.

Martha died at Feering (buried there 18th September 1775). Henry died at Feering also (buried there 8th June 1777), and left a will (signed 1776), in which he was described as Henry Wood the elder of Feering, husbandman. He bequeathed his messuage &c to his son John, desiring that John should allow his brother Henry to brew in the brew house without payment.

[WODK641] John Wood (born 1722) married 1. (at Inworth, 30th March 1746) Martha Scapy. They had three children born and baptised at Feering as follows:

John (baptised 22nd June 1746), married 1. Ann Brewer; then 2. Rachel ---;

Thomas (baptised 22nd December 1751);

Martha (baptised 23rd August 1761), married William Wiseman.

Martha died at Feering (buried there 28th June 1766), and afterwards John, a widower, married 2. (at Feering, 4th January 1768) [BALL643] Elizabeth Harvey, a widow, (see BALL), witnessed by Henry Wood (John's brother) and Susan Rust. They had two children born and baptised at Feering as follows:

[WODK651] Henry (baptised 19th June 1768), married Susannah Fincham, see later;

James (baptised 5th January 1772), married Elizabeth Harvey.

Elizabeth had previously married 1. (at Inworth, 10th April 1748) Thomas Harvey (baptised at Great Tey, 28th March 1715) and by him had had six children at Feering: Thomas, Elizabeth, William, Sarah, John and Timothy (born between 1748-65). Thomas Harvey had died at Feering (buried there 28th May 1764, 8 months before their last child was born).

Elizabeth died at Feering (buried there 10th February 1784), and John died at Feering also (buried there 18th November 1795).

[WODK651] Henry Wood (born 1768, son of Henry & Elizabeth) married (at Feering, 9th December 1787) [FINC652] Susannah Fincham (born 1761, see FINCHAM), witnessed by John Fincham (Susannah's half-brother) and William Wiseman (Henry's half-sister Martha's husband). Henry and Susannah had eight children born and baptised at Feering as follows:

James (baptised 5th October 1788), married Eliza Bush;

Hannah (baptised 7th February 1790), married James Barrell;

John (baptised 14th August 1791), married Ann Rogers;

Sarah (baptised 12th May 1793), married Daniel Potter;

Lucy (baptised 17th May 1795), died (age 16) at Feering (buried there 26th December 1813);

Mercy (baptised 6th August 1797), married John Adams Howard;

Henry (baptised 28th August 1803), married Sophia Cooper;

[WODK661] William (baptised 7th August 1808), married Sarah Overall, see later.

At the 1841 Census  they were living at Kiessens Green, Feering, where Henry was an agricultural labourer, and Susan was noted as not having been born in Essex. Henry died (age 79, of diarrhoea) at Feering (21st October 1846, buried there 25th October 1846), and Susannah died (age 87, of old age and typhus) at Feering also (15th May 1848, buried there 21st May 1848).

[WODK661] William Wood (born 1808) married (at Feering, 3rd December 1831) [OVER662] Sarah Overall (born 1809, see OVERALL), witnessed by Joseph Hall and Eliza Orrell (Sarah's sister). They had nine children as follows:

Alfred Henry (born at Inworth, baptised there 4th November 1832), married Mary Drury;

[WODK672] Sarah Anne (born at Feering, baptised there 5th October 1834), married (at Feering, 25th October 1856) [PARK671] John Last Parker (born 1837, see PARKER);

Frederick (born at Feering, baptised there, 7th May 1837), married Mary Owers;

David (born at Feering, baptised there 5th May 1839), married Thurza Horsley;

Ephraim (born at Feering ,1842), died (age 22) at Feering (buried there 17th March 1864);

Mary Ann (born at Feering, 1843);

George (born at Feering, 1844), married Eliza Callen. Their daughter Caroline Wood married George William Parker (see PARKER);

Emily (born at Feering, 1846), married Joseph Alston;

Caroline (born at Feering, 15th April 1850, baptised there 26th January 1851), died at Feering (buried there 7th April 1864).

The family lived at Kiessens Green (alias Kyler Green, latterly Skiers Green). William was variously an agricultural labourer or husbandman. Sarah died (age 77, had been ill with cancer, then fractured a thigh bone in a fall in the bedroom two weeks before her death) at Feering (12th October 1886, buried there 17th October 1886). William died (age 78, of heart disease and dropsy) at Feering also (6th November 1888, buried there 11th November 1888).


Henry Wood = Susannah Fincham
1841 Census  335/10-22  Feering (ESS), Kiessens Green
William   Wood 33     Y
          and family  plus :
Henry     WOOD 74     Y
Susan     WOOD 79     N

William Wood = Sarah Overall
1841 Census  335/10-22  Feering, Kiessens Green
William   WOOD           33     Y
Sarah     WOOD           33     Y
Alfred    Wood            8     Y
Sarah     Wood            6     Y
Frederick Wood            4     Y
David     Wood            2     Y
Henry     Wood           74     Y
Susan     Wood           79     N
1851 Census  1783-396  Feering, Kyler Green
William   WOOD     H   M 41 ag lab        Feering
Sarah     WOOD     W   M 41               Feering
Alfred    Wood     S   U 18 ag lab        Feering
Sarah A   Wood     D   - 16 at home       Feering
Frederick Wood     S   - 14 ag lab        Feering
David     Wood     S   - 12 ag lab        Feering
Ephraim   Wood     S   -  9 ag lab        Feering
Mary A    Wood     D   -  7 scholar       Feering
George    Wood     S   -  7               Feering
Emily     Wood     D   -  4               Feering
Caroline  Wood     D   - 11m              Feering
1861 Census  1109-12  Feering, Skiers Green
William   WOOD     H   M 52 ag lab        Feering
Sarah     WOOD     W   M 52               Feering
David     Wood     S   U 22 ag lab        Feering
Ephrem    Wood     S   U 20 ag lab        Feering
George    Wood     S   - 16 ag lab        Feering
Emily     Wood     D   - 15 tambour lab   Feering
Caroline  Wood     D   - 11 scholar       Feering
1871 Census  1696-16  Feering, Skiers Green
William   WOOD     H   M 63               Feering
Sarah     WOOD     W   M 63               Feering
Emily     Wood     D   U 24 invalid       Feering
George    Willshaw G/S -  2               Wanstead
1881 Census  1807-14  Feering, Skies Green
William   WOOD     H   M 75 farm lab      Feering
Sarah     WOOD     W   M 75               Feering