[WODD621] Joseph Wood (born c.1715). There were five Joseph Wood marriages at Leeds in 1735-36. It is therefore impossible to decide who he married, or who were his parents. It also seems there were two of these families living at the same time in the Bank area close to the River Aire, hence Hannah and Joseph born two months apart. Joseph had the following children:

[WODD631] Joseph Wood (born 1750), weaver, married 1. (at Leeds, St. Peter, 23rd March 1772) Hannah Duffield, witnessed by Nath. Booth and Benjn. Wood. Hannah died at Bank, buried at Leeds, St. Peter, 23rd August 1773. Afterwards, Joseph (weaver) married 2. (at Leeds, St. Peter, 24th July 1774) [HEYY632] Hannah Hey, witnessed by Christopher Groser and Hannah Wood. The latter Hannah was possibly the wife of one of Joseph's brothers. Joseph and his second wife had several children including the following:

[WODD641] William Wood (born at Bank, 18th October 1776), a woolcomber, married 1. (at Leeds, St. Peter, 24th December 1794) [ASHH642] Harriot Ash (born 1777, see ASH), witnessed by Thos. Atkinson (parish clerk) and John Elliot. William and Harriot had one child at Leeds:

Harriot died (age 22, of fever) in Leeds (buried at Beeston Chapel, 29th July 1798).

There was a birth of a child to a William Wood in the Bank area, after Harriot's death, father's occupation unknown, which may be significant:

John  (born at Steander, 4th April 1804, baptised at Leeds, St. Peter,  21st May 1804). There was a woollen mill at Steander, and nearby a footbridge over the Timble Beck connected Steander with East Water Lane (where Richard Crabtree lived, see later).

William later married 2. (at Leeds, St. Peter, 19th September 1825) a widow Mary Fowler.

At the June 1841 Census, William and Mary were in Primrose Hill, Stanningley (in Pudsey), where William was a woolcomber. Shortly afterwards they moved to Woodhouse Carr, possibly to live near an unidentified relative of Mary. They lived in Lorry Bank, a street a hundred yards from Carr Mills (alongside Carr Beck, which downstream later became Timble Beck). William died (age 64, of apoplexy) at Lorry Bank (6th September 1841, buried at Woodhouse, St. Mark, 9th September 1841). Present at his death was Sarah Wilkinson. Mary died (age 74, of cholera) in nearby Buslingthorpe Road (5th October 1849, buried at Woodhouse, St. Mark, 6th October 1849). Present at her death was Charles Swales. The relationship, if any, between Sarah Wilkinson, Charles Swales and the Wood family has not been established.

[WODD651] Joseph Wood (born at Leylands, 13th October 1796, son of William & Harriot), a woolcomber, married (at Leeds, St. Peter, 15th January 1816) [RICN652] Susanna Richardson (born 1795, see RICHARDSON), witnessed by Richard Crabtree and Robt. Hargrave (parish clerk). Richard Crabtree was a woolcomber in Water Lane (specifically at East Water Lane) in 1818, which strongly suggests that at the time of his marriage, that is where Joseph (and his parents) were then living. At first Joseph & Susanna lived at Richmond Hill and Bank. The only significant worsted mill in the vicinity (as distinct from the numerous flax mills) and within short walking distance was probably the one at Steander, and Joseph may have worked there. Susanna was probably in service at the time, somewhere in the vicinity, hence the marriage ceremony took place in Leeds rather than Thorne. They later moved to Woodhouse Carr in north Leeds, and he possibly then took his wool to Carr Mills (where there was presumably a worsted mill). They had seven children at Leeds as follows:

By 1841 the family had moved to Stanningley (in Pudsey). Susanna died (age 75, of bronchitis) in Richardshaw, Stanningley, (19th December 1870, buried at Sunfield, 22nd December 1870), whilst Joseph died (age 81, of hemiplegia) at his son Jamesí house at Pudsey (16th July 1878, buried at Sunfield, 19th July 1878). They were buried at Sunfield Wesleyan Chapel, Stanningley, and (curiously) in the same grave was also buried John Wood of Tyersall, who died there (9th August 1872).

[WODD661] William Wood (born 1818), a woolcomber, married 1. (at Leeds, St. Peter, 28th August 1836) [HASN662] Elizabeth Harrison (born 1820, see HARRISON), both of Bramley, witnessed by Joseph Harrison (Elizabeth's brother) and Thomas Harrison (Elizabeth's father). They had only one child, born at Stanningley (in Pudsey) as follows:

The family were first at Bramley, then at Stanningley (Richardshaw) by 1839, then back at Bramley (Hough End) by the time of the 1841 Census, then back to Stanningley (Richardshaw) by 1851. But in 1848 the need for hand woolcombers suddenly ceased (certainly so in the Pudsey area), and machinery was here to stay.

The three brothers Benjamin, Henry and William were probably all employed tending woolcombing machines, which secured their employment for the time being. Curiously all three moved to Keighley around 1860, which was a town that had been badly affected by the slump in the hand woolcombing industry; so for three outsiders to find work there cannot be explained, other than perhaps having expertise on a particular type of machine which was about to be installed in a Keighley worsted mill. It was a short-lived employment, and very likely they were simply looked upon by the mill-owner as workmen who would train less-skilled staff to take over. Benjamin became a baker, and the two other brothers became iron foundry workers, all remaining in Keighley.

Elizabeth died (age 50, of a periosteal abscess) at West Gate, Keighley, (9th January 1871, buried at Utley Cemetery, 11th January 1871).

Shortly afterwards, William, a labourer, married 2. (at Bingley, 9th December 1871) Mary Goode (born at Weobley, Herefordshire, 1830).



Bingley Church
(24 November 2014)

Mary died (age 49, after two years suffering from cancer of the uterus) at Long Croft, Keighley, (7th August 1879, buried at Utley Cemetery, 10th August 1879).

Within three months, William, a labourer for a machinist, of Long Croft, married 3. (at Keighley, Register Office, 28th October 1879) Susannah McCarthy nee Tuckwell (born at Burford, Oxfordshire, 1831), a charwoman. Susannah had previously married Edward McCarthy in the Burton-upon-Trent area (1863). At the 1881 Census William was also a licensed lodging house keeper. William died (age 76, of apoplexy) in Long Croft (25th December 1894, buried at Utley Cemetery, 28th December 1894), and Susannah died (age 59, of bronchitis) in Long Croft also (22nd September 1895, buried at Utley Cemetery, 25th September 1895).

[WODD672] Martha Ann Elizabeth Wood (born 1839, daughter of William & Elizabeth) married 1. (at Calverley, 27th February 1859) [SHEP671] John Shepherd (born 1838, see SHEPHERD), witnessed by Nancy Firth and James Wood (Martha's uncle); then 2. (at Calverley, 14th August 1876) Joseph Robinson (born 1841).


William Wood = Mary Fowler nee ---
1841 Census  1298/12-35  Stanningley (Pudsey), Primrose Hill
William        WOOD          64 woolcomber
Mary           WOOD          66

Joseph Wood = Susanna Richardson
1841 Census  1298/12-35  Stanningley (Pudsey), Primrose Hill
Joseph         WOOD          44 woolcomber
Ann            WOOD          45
John           Wood          25
Mary Ann       Wood          20
Henry          Wood          19
Alexr          Wood          16
Benjamin       Wood          14
James          Wood           9
1851 Census  2313-505  Stanningley (Pudsey), Richardshaw
Joseph         WOOD     H  M 54 woolcomber                Leeds
Susannah       WOOD     W  M 55                           Thorne
Mary Ann       Wood     D  U 30 w.c.burler                Leeds
James          Wood     S  U 19 woolcomber                Leeds
1861 Census  3348-76  Stanningley (Pudsey), Richardshaw
Joseph         WOOD     H  M 64 woolcomber                Leeds
Susannah       WOOD     W  M 65                           Thorne
Mary Ann       Wood     D  U 40 w.c.burler                Leeds
James          Wood     S  U 29 w.c.tenterer              Woodhouse Carr
1871 Census  4509-75  Stanningley (Pudsey), Richardshaw
James          Wood     H  M 39 w.c.tenterer              Leeds
Elizabeth      Wood     W  M 37                           Dorrington
Joseph         WOOD     F  W 74 formerly woolcomber       Leeds
William Wood = Elizabeth Harrison
1841 Census  1342/11-18  Bramley, Hough End
William        WOOD          20 woolcomber Y
Elizabeth      WOOD          20            N
Martha         Wood           1            Y
1851 Census  2313-510  Stanningley (Pudsey), Richardshaw
William        WOOD     H  M 32 woolcomber                Leeds
Elizabeth      WOOD     W  M 30                           Ringmer SSX
Ann            Wood     D  - 11                           Pudsey
1861 Census  3226-33  Keighley, Fleece Street
William        WOOD     H  M 42 woolcomber                Leeds
Elizabeth      WOOD     W  M 40 p.l.w                     Ringmere SSX
1871 Census  4318-35  Keighley, West Gate
Elizabeth      Hird     H  W 56 housekeeper               Leeds
Mary           Hird     D  M!25 w.c.w                     Keighley
Sarah Ann      Hird     D  U 21 wstd reeler               Keighley
Elizabeth      Hird     D  U 18 rover wstd                Bingley
Abraham   Thos Hird     S  -  6 scholar                   Keighley
William        WOOD     Lr W 52 foundry lab               Leeds
William Wood = Mary Good
1871 Census  4318-43  Keighley, Common Lodging House   
 Charles       Tierman  H  M 49 Lodging house keeper      Bromsgrove WOR
               and family and boarders and lodgers including:
Mary           GOOD     Lr U 36 domestic                  Weobley HEF
William Wood = Susannah McCarthy nee Tuckwell
1841 Census  872/18-4  Burford (OXF) Upton & Signett, Apply Pye Corner
John           Tuckwell      42 lab Y
Jane           Tuckwell      42     N
Elizabeth      Tuckwell      16     N
William        Tuckwell      12     N
Susannah       TUCKWELL      10     N!
Richard        Tuckwell       6     Y
Joseph         Tuckwell       4     Y
Sophia         Tuckwell       4m    Y
1851 Census  1731-760  Burford, Witney Street
Jno            Tuckwell H  M 52 bone gatherer             Coggs [Cogges]
Jane           Tuckwell W  M 52                           Oxpens? (GLS)
Richard        Tuckwell S  - 17 bone gatherer             Burford
Sophia         Tuckwell D  -  8                           Upton & Signett
[Susannah not with parents]
1861 Census  908-71  Burford Upton & Signett
John           Tuckwell H  M 66 lab                       Witney (OXF)
Jane           Tuckwell W  M 66                           Witney!
[Susannah not located]
1871 Census
Susannah       McCARTHY not located
1881 Census  4351-111  Keighley, Eastwood, 35 Long Croft
William        WOOD     H  M 65 washing machine maker 
                               & licensed lodging 
                               house keeper               Leeds
Ann            WOOD     W  M 47                           Whitney (OXF)
               plus lodgers
1891 Census  3541-100  Keighley, Eastwood, 39 Long Croft
William        WOOD     H  M 73 labourer general          Leeds
Susannah       WOOD     W  M 60                           Burford (OXF)
               plus 9 lodgers