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[WODS591] Richard Woode had at least two children, born at Campsea Ashe:

Richard (baptised there 6th December 1576);

[WODS601] John (baptised there 2nd September 1582).

Campsea Ash and Alderton (where John probably latterly lived) are about 10 miles apart by road. Richard Woode may have afterwards married 2. (at Campsea Ashe, 28th July 1586) Katheryne Blakey.

[WODS601] John Woods (presumed born 1582, son of Richard Woode), had at least one child:

[WODS611] Everard (-), married Mary Armiger, see later.

All that is known of John is that he was an executor (and beneficiary) of his son Everard's will.

[WODS611] Everard Woods of Aldeburgh (son of "John Woods"), a singleman, married (at Alderton, December 1639) [ARMI612] Mary Armiger of Alderton, a singlewoman, (see ARMIGER). The original registers for Alderton church no longer exist, but Everard and Mary had a licence (dated December 1639) to marry there. They had two children, and again due to the loss of the Alderton registers, their dates of birth are open to conjecture:

Everard (-), said to have died at Wantisden (1663);

[WODS621] John (born c.1646), married 2. Mary Knapp, see later.

Everard died at Aldeburgh (28th February 1647/8), and his will records that he was a yeoman, late of Aldeburgh, and that his two executors were his father John Woods and father-in-law John Armiger. The beneficiaries were his wife Mary, sons Everard and John, and both father and father-in-law. Afterwards, his widow Mary married 2. (unknown date) Oliver Chatborn, widower, by whom she had four further children (though it is not known where they were born):

Oliver (-);

Anne (-);

Elizabeth (-);

Sarah (-).

By 1655 Oliver and Mary had moved to Westleton (Oliver's place of birth) as in this year their daughter Sarah was buried here. Mary's youngest son John Woods (born 1646) would certainly have gone to Westleton with his mother and step-father.

Oliver Chatborn (baptised at Westleton 6th July 1616), the son of the then Vicar of Westleton, Oliver Chatborn, by his wife Ann formerly surnamed Canham. A small square stone to the vicar's memory was placed on the floor of the vestry in Westleton church, which recorded:


Oliver (Mary's 2nd husband) was buried at Westleton (1st August 1679), followed by Mary (buried there 12th August 1683).

[WODS621] John Woods (born 1646) married 1. (by Licence, at Saxmundham, 13th October 1681) Ellanor Grimsby (widow).



Saxmundham Church
(4 October 2002)

They had two children at Westleton:

Mary (born c.1682), died young (buried there 28th October 1682);

Ellen (baptised there 5th May 1685).

John's wife Ellanor died as the result of childbirth at Westleton (buried there 9th May 1685) and afterwards John married 2. (between 1685-88) [KNAP622] Mary Knapp (born 1651, see KNAPP). They had three children at Westleton:

John (-), died at Westleton (buried there 2nd September 1688);

[WODS631] John (baptised there 20th August 1689), married Mary Osborne, see later;

Everard (baptised there 12th June 1691), married 1. Mrs Margaret Osborne; then 2. Sarah Osborne.

(It should be particularly noted that John was the eldest son and Everard the youngest, see below)

John died at Westleton (7th October 1703), and was buried there, though the parish register has had the page torn out for 1703 so his date of burial is no longer known. John, who was a maulster, left a will in which he bequeathed:

John, eldest son and heir -- (certain messuages, lands etc in Westleton; 300 if his brother Everard dies under 21; 150 on death of his mother Mary plus half of residue);

Everard, youngest son -- (all messuages etc in Blythburgh, Bulcamp, Theberton, Westleton; real estate after death of his mother Mary; 300 at age of 21; 150 on death of his mother Mary and half of residue);

Mary, wife -- (certain messuages etc in Westleton).

In 1710 Westleton Grange was conveyed by James Fiske and Mary his wife to Mary Woods, widow.

Mary Woods was thus effectively Lord of Westleton Manor. She held a Court in 1710 and again in 1711, after which her youngest son Everard, now age 21, became Lord of the Manor. It is recorded that in Westleton Manor "the custom of Borough English prevails, the youngest son or youngest brother being heir". Mary died (age 70) at Westleton also (19th September 1720, buried there 21st September 1720).

John and Mary are buried in the vault under the chancel of Westleton Church, though it is not known when John was placed there, whether in 1703 or moved there subsequently as, although he held property in Westleton, he was never Lord of the Manor.



Westleton Church
(4 October 2002)
(following memorials inside the church
photographed 5 October 2002)

The black ledger slab in the chancel records:

Here Lyeth the body of

IOHN WOODS Gent: of this

Parrish who departed this Life

the Seventh day of Octobr 1703

Aged Fifty Seven years


John (1703)


Memento Mori

[Remember that you die]

Here also lieth the body of

MARY WOODS ye loving wife of

the abovesaid JOHN WOODS.

and daughter of JAMES KNAPP.

late of Winfarthing in ye County of Norf: Gent.

she departd this life ye 19th day of Sept: 1720.

Aged 70 years

Reader, be not surpris'd: hereunder lie

a worthy Example of true Piety

Mary (1720)


(The above inscriptions for John and Mary differ in style, and appear to have been carved several years apart.)

At the top of the ledger slab

is an ornate

skull and cross bones


In addition, the first 4 lines of text referring to Mary are astride a heraldic hatchment, in relief, displaying that part of the

KNAPP coat of arms

described as:

... a lion passant in base and in chief three esquires' helmets sable ...

By Mary's will the beneficiaries were:

John, son -- (messuage or farm called Westleton Hall);

Everard, son -- (200; all other messuages, goods and chattels).

[WODS631] John Woods (born 1689) married (at Westleton, 7th May 1710) [OSBO632] Mary Osborne (born 1689, see OSBORNE). The register records him as "Mr John Woods" and she as "Mrs Mary Osbourne of Aldeburgh". They had ten children born and baptised at Westleton as follows:

John (baptised 21st January 1710-11), married Margaret Mills;

Mary (baptised 5th June 1712), died (age 2) at Westleton (buried there 2nd June 1714);

Everard (baptised 29th December 1713), married Susan;

Mary (baptised 9th October 1715), married (at Middleton, 30th July 1735) John Seaman;

Osborn (baptised 9th October 1716), married 1. Bridget Randal; then 2. Sarah Strings; then 3. Hannah Girling;

William (baptised 1st January 1717-18), married Elizabeth Barrow;

Margaret (baptised 17th May 1719), died (age 21 months) at Westleton (buried there 4th February 1720-21);

[WODS642] Margaret (baptised 27th April 1722), married (at Wrentham, 12th October 1741) [LAST641] William Last (born 1715, see LAST);

Thomas (baptised 4th October 1724); may have married (at Denham, 27th April 1744) Mary Cooper;

Anne (baptised 1st April 1729), was baptised and buried on the same day.

Mary died (age 42) at Westleton (15th December 1730, buried there same day sic), and was buried there in the vault below the chancel. The black ledger slab records:

Here Lieth the body of

Mary the Wife of


of Westleton Gentleman

who Departed this Life

December the 15th 1730

Aged 42 Years.

Also 3 of their Children

died in their Infancy

VIZ. Mary June ye 2nd 1714

Margaret July ye 4th 1720

Anne April ye 1st 1729

Mary (1730)


There is a discrepancy when their child Margaret died. On the slab it shows "July ye 4th 1720" but her date of burial is recorded in the register as February 4th. It is likely too that the date of Mary's death is not correct, it being the same date as her burial. No doubt by the time the slab was carved, her actual date of death had been forgotten, so the date of burial as recorded in the register was used instead.

John died (age 59) at Westleton (15th June 1748, buried there in the vault under the chancel 19th June 1748).

His separate black ledger slab records:

Here Resteth in hopes of a Joyful

Resurrection to Eternal Life


of this Parish Gentleman :

who departed this Life

the 15th June 1748

Aged 59 Years


John (1748)


John left various monetary bequests in his will, ranging down from 250 to his son John, 100 to his son Everard, and 10 to his daughter "Margaret, the wife of William Last the younger". He also left 100 to "my friend Mrs Buckingham".

A document has survived (at Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich) reading as follows:

A Particular of the Estate of Mr John Woods dec'd of Westleton in the County of Suffolk, being part Freehold and part Copyhold now leased to Mr William Woods for 21 Years to Commence at Mich'as 1748. At the Yearly Rent of 160. A Farm called the Old Hall Farm, consisting of a Messuage and Barn and about an Hundred and forty Acres of Land & Meadow in 22 Inclusures, being all Freehold, and pay no Great Tythes. There are growing upon the same Farm 80 Top Oak Trees & 32 Top Ash & Elm Trees. There are no Annual Payments out of this Farm, except Small Tythes and the Kings Tax's.

A Farm belonging to the Messuage in which the said Mr Woods late Dwelt, Consist of a large and Convenient Brick'd & Messuage, 3 Barns, Stables, & other convenient Outhouses and a Pigeon House in good Repair with about 140 Acres of Land, & Meadow, Wood Ground & Pasture in 19 several Inclosures. Whereof 39 Acres & an half of Land are Copyhold of the Manor of Westleton with the Meadows; and 29 Acres & two pieces without Content are Copyhold of the Manor of Westleton Cliffs otherwise Cleeves. The Messuage, Yards, Gardens, Houses & all the Residue of the Lands are Freehold. This Farm likewise pay no Great Tythes, And there are growing thereon 366 Top Oak Trees & 20 Ash and Elm.

There is upon both Farms a Great Number of Pollard Trees and Sufficient Quantity of Wood. Rated together to the Kings Tax at 74 per Ann. & no more. The Lords Rents payable Annually out of the last Farm to the Manor of Westleton with Members amounts to 1. 5s. 0d. And the like payable to the Manor of Westleton Cliffs otherwise Cleeves 1. 10s. 0d."