This surname originated as the Christian name Gerald and over the years mutated to other forms, such as Garrold, and was perhaps pronounced Jarrold etc.

In Bedfordshire there are four villages. Woburn and Eversholt are adjacent, Chalgrave is 5 miles from Eversholt, and Ampthill is 7 miles north-east of Woburn. Further to the east is Holwell (now in Hertfordshire), about 11 miles from Chalgrave "as the crow flies", but probably more like 15 miles by 17th Century roads.

In Hertfordshire, Holwell (used to be in Bedfordshire), Charlton, Norton and Radwell are within about 5 miles radius of the town of Hitchin. Ashwell is further out, being about 4 miles from Norton.

In Cambridgeshire, Guilden Morden is 3 miles north of Ashwell (Herts), Tadlow is 3 miles north of Guilden Morden, and East Hatley is 3 miles north of Tadlow. Bassingbourn (where John Yarrow was living at the time he married Elizabeth Homes) is about 4 miles east of Guilden Morden.

Other villages mentioned below are Baldock (Hertfordshire, near Norton), Litlington (Cambridgeshire, near Bassingbourn), Dunton (Bedfordshire, 3 miles west of Guilden Morden), Wrestlingworth (Bedfordshire, 3 miles north-east of Dunton) and Northill (Bedfordshire, 7 miles west of Dunton).

Early information is scanty, but there is sufficient evidence to suggest the following course of events.

In the following narrative, an attempt has been made to record the surname as shown in the register, e.g. Yarrow or Garrell.

Richard Garrold married (at Woburn, 16th January 1574/5) Alice Wrixon. Richard Gerrole of Eversholt made a will (written 1st June 1616), wherein he named no-one with his surname as a beneficiary, only two married daughters Agnes and Alice, and various grandchildren. He died shortly afterwards and was buried at Eversholt (7th October 1616). The registers at Eversholt only survive from 1602 onwards, so no further information may be gleaned. It is assumed he would not have been an ancestor of the following, but was probably somehow related.

George Garrold married (at Ampthill, 12th November 1629) Margaret Gregorie. Again the surviving registers at Ampthill commence in 1602. Their son Edward Garrold was baptised at Ampthill (4th April 1630).

It is assumed that neither Richard nor George were ancestors of the following, but were probably somehow related from further back in time.


The registers at Chalgrave have survived from 1539. There are several references to GARROLD here, but none prior to 1629. It is possible Robert and the above George were brothers, as they seem to have been having children about the same time. The absence of pre-1602 registers at Ampthill suggests Robert and George could both have been born there, with the proof no longer in existence.

[YARR591] Robert Garrold (assumed born at Ampthill, c.1600, and very likely brother of the above-mentioned George Garrold), married ---, and had the following child, born at Chalgrave, and baptised there:

 Edmund (baptised 7th May 1629), mother's name not given. His surname was given as Garrod in the register, but as Garroll in the transcript sent to the Bishop's Office at the end of the year.

There was then a gap of five years, suggesting his first wife could have died (but not buried at Chalgrave), and he had remarried someone named Phoebe. (This may be a false assumption.) Robert and Phoebe had the following five children, born at Chalgrave, and baptised there, with the mother's name given at each occasion as Phoebe. The surname was consistently spelled Garrold.

 Ann (baptised 15th February 1634/5);

 John (baptised 6th August 1637), buried at Chalgrave (25th September 1637);

 John (baptised 25th October 1638);

 Joseph (baptised 20th May 1641);

[YARR601] Thomas (baptised 26th July 1644), married ---, see later.

[YARR601] Thomas Garrold (born at Chalgrave, 1644) appears to be the Thomas Garrew shown as possessing one hearth in the Hearth Tax survey for Holwell (1671), about 11 miles from Chalgrave. This information has been taken from a published transcription. Inspection of the original document may reveal that his name had been mis-transcribed from, say, Garrell.

[YARR611] --- Garrell (assumed born c.1665, assumed son of Thomas.

[YARR621] Thomas Garrell (assumed born c.1690, assumed grandson of [YARR601] Thomas) married (at Holwell, 1711) [USHE622] Elizabeth Usher, see below.

The parish of Holwell, Bedfordshire, was later transferred to Hertfordshire. Its registers have not been carefully checked.


The date marked IGI, has been taken from the International Genealogical Index, and not checked at source

[YARR621] Thomas Garrell (born c.1690), married (at Holwell, 7th May 1711) [USHE622] Elizabeth Usher, of Norton (probably baptised at Cockayne Hatley, 5th January 1696, daughter of John  & Elizabeth). They had one son:

[YARR631] Thomas Garrall (born c.1712), married Sarah Arnal, see later.

Thomas died at Norton (buried there 29th December 1725).

[YARR631] Thomas Garrall (born c.1712) married (at Norton, 15th May 1733) [ARNA632] Sarah Arnal (born at Charlton, baptised at Norton, 1st January 1713/4 IGI, daughter of [ARNA621] Edward Arnal).

  Norton Church
(16 September 2016)

Thomas and Sarah had four children born and baptised at Norton as follows:

Sarah Garral (baptised 19th May 1734), married Thomas Oliver;

Mary Garral (baptised 4th April 1736), married Robert Izard;

Thomas Garal (baptised 12th March 1737/8), married Susan Sutton;

[YARR641] Edward Garral (baptised 12th October 1740), married Elizabeth Bates, see later.

Thomas died at Norton (buried there 13th November 1753). Sarah died at Norton also, three months later (buried there 27th February 1754).

[YARR641] Edward Garrall (born 1740) of Guilden Morden, married (at Ashwell, 18th February 1762) [BATE642] Elizabeth Bates (born 1740, see BATES), witnessed by Thomas Gordge and John Waldock.



Guilden Morden Church
(27 November 1990
by DB)

Ashwell (Herts) Church
(14 September 2016)

The family immediately moved to Guilden Morden, where they had seven children born and baptised there as follows. Note in particular the spelling of the surname at each baptism registration. The first six children would have been declared by the father, whilst the last child was declared by the mother. This tends to suggest an impediment in the father's speech:

Sarah Yarrow (baptised 10th July 1763), married Thomas Harper;

Elizabeth Yarrow (baptised 3rd December 1769), married William Surrey. She was age 65 at death (1827), suggesting a birth around 1762. If the age is well adrift, she could have been a twin of Thomas;

[YARR651] Thomas Yarrow (baptised 3rd December 1769). He was age 79 at death (1838), suggesting he was a baby when baptised, married Ann Wood, see later;

Susanna Yarrow (baptised 29th September 1773), either of twin of Edward, or one or other child was an infant when baptised;

Edward Yarrow (baptised 29th September 1773);

Mary Yarrow (baptised 24th November 1776), married John Webb;

William Garwel (baptised 22nd May 1780**), married Ann Penn.

**Their last child was born four months after Edward died. Edward Garwel (who was a labourer) died at Guilden Morden (buried there 5th January 1780). Elizabeth Garwell, pauper, died at Guilden Morden also (buried there 1st March 1784).


[YARR651] Thomas Garrell (born 1769, baptism recorded as Thomas Yarrow) married (at Guilden Morden, 30th October 1789) [WDDD652] Ann Wood (born 1764, probably the daughter of Thomas Wood & Ann), witnessed by George Andrews and John Pettengell. They had nine children born and baptised at Guilden Morden as follows, carrying on the surname Yarrow, which was how their father's name had been recorded in the register in 1769:

Thomas Yarrow (baptised 8th July 1792), married Charlotte Millington;

Edward Yarrow (baptised 21st September 1794), died (age 32) at Guilden Morden (buried there 14th June 1827);

William Yarrow (baptised 16th April 1797), married Sarah Leete;

[YARR661] John Yarrow (baptised 9th June 1799), married Elizabeth Homes, see later;

Ann Yarrow (baptised 18th April 1802), married Thomas Dennis;

James Yarrow (baptised 17th March 1805), married 1. Sarah Goodchild; then 2. Mary Ann Morris; then 3. Jane Reed. See JAMES YARROW;

Susan Yarrow (baptised 20th April 1807), died (age 10) at Guilden Morden (buried there 8th July 1816);

Joseph Yarrow (baptised 16th September 1809), married Ann Warren;

Job Yarrow (baptised 8th December 1811), married Mary Warbois nee Cole.

Ann died (age 74, of asthma) at Guilden Morden (28th July 1838, buried there 2nd August 1838), and Thomas (who was a shoe maker) died (age 79, of “decay of nature") at Guilden Morden also (five months later, 25th December 1838, buried there 26th December 1838).

[YARR661] John Yarrow (born 1799) of Bassingbourn, a labourer, married (at Guilden Morden, 15th February 1817) [HOME662] Elizabeth Homes (born at Dunton, Beds, 1791), witnessed by John's brother William Yarrow, and Joseph Pearce the parish clerk.



Dunton Church
(27 November 1990)

Four children (Sarah, Elizabeth, Charles, and James) were not baptised immediately after their birth, but when they were toddlers, so their probable birth-years have had to be guessed. Their last child (Richard) does not appear to have been baptised at all.

Thomas (baptised at Guilden Morden, 10th May 1818), married Mary Dimmock;

Mary (baptised at Guilden Morden, 12th March 1820), married Samuel Medlock;

John (baptised at Tadlow, 23rd February 1822), married Elizabeth Dymock;

Eliza (baptised at Tadlow, 23rd March 1823), married (9th October 1842) William Bunyan. One of the witnesses was Sarah Daisley. Two weeks after this marriage, Sarah Daisley murdered her husband William, following a violent quarrel after he had found a shilling in one of Sarah's pockets. Sarah was subsequently found guilty of murder, and hanged before an enormous crowd estimated to be 12,000 strong (mostly women), outside Bedford Gaol (5th August 1843). She was the last woman to be publicly hanged at Bedford;

Sarah (born 1825, baptised at Tadlow, 28th February 1830), married Charles Thompson;

[YARR672] Elizabeth (born 1826 at Tadlow, baptised there 28th February 1830), married James Lyon, see later;

Charles (born 1828, baptised at Tadlow, 28th February 1830, married Jane Titmouse;

James (born 1830, baptised at Tadlow, 29th April 1832), married Rhoda Bell;

Susan (baptised at Tadlow, 29th April 1832);

Richard (born at Tadlow, 1834).



Tadlow Church
(27 November 1990)


John died (age 60, of disease of the liver) at Tadlow (23rd October 1856, buried there 25th October 1856), and Elizabeth died (age 74, of “decay of nature”, but age 68 appears in burial register which seems most likely) at Tadlow also (27th December 1859, buried there 29th December 1859).

[YARR672] Elizabeth Yarrow (born 1826, daughter of John) married (at East Hatley, 16th September 1844) James Lyon (born 1821, see LYON), witnessed by Elizabeth's sister Sarah, and George Clark. But Elizabeth also had an illicit relationship with [LYNE671] William Lyon (born 1828, see also LYON).



Several members of the family appeared in the Quarter Sessions records, including Edward (born 1794), William (born 1797) and James (born 1805), who were brothers of the John who married Elizabeth Homes; and also Joseph (born 1825) who was most likely a son of William (born 1787). See QUARTER SESSIONS.


John Yarrow = Elizabeth Homes
1841 Census  63/24-7  Tadlow (CAM)
Elizabeth      YARROW       45 ag lab              Y sic !
Thomas         Yarrow       20                     Y
Charles        Yarrow       10 [?12]               Y
James          Yarrow        8 [?9]                Y
Richard        Yarrow        6 [?7]                Y
Susannah       Yarrow        6 [?8]                Y
John           Yarrow        1 [illeg. s. of Mary] Y 
   [John YARROW senior not located]
1841 Census  63/24-7  Tadlow (CAM)
John           Wigginton    30 farmer              Y
Eliza          Wigginton    28                     N
Elenor         Wigginton     1                     Y
John           Yarrah       19 m.s.                Y
Marey          Yarrow       22 f.s.                Y
Mary           Kingry       13 f.s.                Y
1841 Census  63/8-6  Croydon (CAM)
Richard        White        80 farmer              N
Elizabeth      White        35                     N
Francis        White        50                     N
William        Theobald     30 ag lab              Y
Sarah          Yarrow       15 f.s.                Y
Elizabeth      Yarrow       14 f.s.                Y
1841 Census  446/7-4  Hinxworth (HRT)
Richard        Tate         40 farmer              Y
               and family  plus :
Eliza          Yarrow       15 f.s.                N
1851 Census  1758-292  Tadlow, Tadlow Tower, [Tower Cottage]
John           YARRAH H   M 55 farm lab       Great Morden
Elizabeth      YARRAH W   M 59                Dunton (BDF)
James          Yarrah S   U 19 farm lab       Tadlow
Richard        Yarrah S   - 17 farm lab       Tadlow
Elizabeth Yarrow = James Lyon
1841 Census  63/8-6  Croydon (CAM)
Richard        White        80 farmer         N
Elizabeth      White        35                N
Francis        White        50                N
William        Theobald     30 ag lab         Y
Sarah          Yarrow       15 f.s.           Y
Elizabeth      YARROW       14 f.s.           Y
1851 Census  1758-313  Croydon (CAM)
James          LYON   H   M 28 agric lab      Croydon
Elizabeth      LYON   W   M 25                Tadlow
Samuel         Lyon   S   -  6                Hatley East
Francis        Lyon   S   -  4                Tadlow
James          Lyon   S   -  2                Croydon
Charles Philip Lyon   S   -  2m               Croydon
1861 Census  3353-91  Leeds, Burley, 6 Bateson Street (YKS)
James          LYONS  H   M 36 forge lab      Croydon CAM
Elizabeth      LYONS  W   M 34                Tadlow CAM
Samuel         Lyons  S   - 16 forge lab      Atley CAM
Francis        Lyons  S   - 14 forge boy      Atley
James          Lyons  S   - 12 scholar        Croydon
Charles        Lyons  S   - 10 scholar        Croydon
Alfred         Lyons  S   -  6 scholar        Burley
Elizabeth      Lyons  D   -  3                Burley
Richard        Lyons  S   -  1m               Burley
1871 Census  4570-48  Leeds, Burley, 51 Back Lloyd Street
James          LYNES  H   M 49 lab            Croydon CAM
Elizabeth      LYNES  W   M 45                Croydon sic !
James          Lynes  S   U 22 engineman      Croydon
Elizabeth      Lynes  D   - 14 mill hand      Burley
Emma           Lynes  D   -  7 scholar        Burley
George W       Lynes  S   -  3 scholar        Burley
Jane Eliza     Lynes  D   - 10m               Burley
1881 Census  4531-122  Leeds, 10 Dover Street (pa. St Andrew)
John S         Fox    H   W 65 shoemaker      Dewsbury
Elizabeth      LYNES  Bd  W 55 washerwoman    Tadlow CAM
George W       Lynes  S   - 13 gen lab        Burley
Annie W        Fox    D   -  7 scholar        Leeds
1891 Census  3711-39  Leeds, Burley, 18 Willow Road
Elizabeth      LYNES  H   W 66 monthly nurse  Tadlow CAM
Jane E         Lynes  D   S 20 mule piecer    Leeds
Clifford G     Lynes  G/S -  6w               Leeds
William G ***  Hallas Bd  S 25 builder        Leeds
1901 Census  4244-142  Leeds, Burley, 43 Burley Village
Elizabeth      LYNES  H   W 76                Cambridge CAM  sic !
Jane           Lynes  D   S 30 cotton spinner Leeds
Nellie         Lynes  G/D -  4                Leeds
    *** William Graham Hallas married (22/4/1891) Paulina Ann Lynes 
        (grand-daughter of the head of the household, Elizabeth LYNES) 
        The date of the census was 5/4/1891